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Thought you might like to know what happened at the doc's

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  • Thought you might like to know what happened at the doc's

    Nothing that's what. I struggled to the clinic, explained my symptoms - the shit wasn't the remotest bit interested!

    I have spent Wednesday, yesterday and today, fighting the PCT (not easy for someone with Asperger's to do) and they are STILL refusing to give me a GP! I've spoken to PALS (an organisation meant to help someone who has problems finding a GP) firstly to complain about the way I was treated at the hospital and to ask them to find me a doctor who isn't a shit (I obviously didn't say that).

    I was told that the process could (and probably would) take a couple of months. Meanwhile I'm stuck at home, the pain in my belly's getting worse, I don't feel like eating (unusual for me - even with my ED history) and what do I do...? I Google my symptoms - first hit? The Cancer Research UK page on ovarian cancer!!

    The pain extends round into my kidneys, my boobs are extremely swollen and I have a period - and I only had one just before Christmas!

    I'm here on my own and I REALLY don't know what to do. My paternal grandmother died of the disease, but I don't have any other closer relatives who have (or who have had breast cancer) so the familial risk isn't there.

    I know I'm probably being melodramatic, but I want to know more: -

    1) How long does it take the signs of OC to present themselves? I've been bloating up since Xmas.
    2) Is weight gain like this a sign...?
    3) What about swollen boobs?
    4) Inter-period bleeding?

    I feel stupid asking all these questions, because I feel like suck a f*cking hypochondriac (the doc I saw basically wrote it all off as being psychosomatic - especially after I made the mistake of telling him I had Asperger's).

    I am so very, very, frightened. I'm stitting here in my PJs, because they're the only things I feel comfy in (well comfier - even they're tight, just not as tight as my clothes. I had to borrow some trousers from my mum today - and she's a UK 12!)

    Right, that's it. I think I'm going back to bed. A hot-water-bottle on my belly does alleviate the pain a little...

    Sorry for wasting everyone's time...


    Sarah xxx
    La tristesse durera toujours...

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    Is it remotely possible you're pregnant? Those symptoms are similar, actually. (I know someone who spotted regularly her first trimester, and that was her first sign she was pregnant.)


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      Pregnancy could be the issue, and googling symptoms ALWAYS comes up with cancer unfortunately.

      If the pain and swelling do not go away by the time your period is gone, go to the hospital. Not the dr office. Don't tell them you've already seen a doc, just tell them you've had swelling and pain for x # of days and it's getting worse. They will take it seriously because your appendix are a concern, as well as kidney infections, bowel issues etc.

      So sorry you were treated poorly by the doc. Don't give up on the medical establishment completely though, some of us really do care. <3
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        Why on earth don't you go to A&E at the hospital?
        Why do you expect a forum to diagnose you?
        Why do you ask questions then not wait around for the replies?


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          Sarah- Go to A&E, immediately!


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            Pregnancy test first hon and if negative go to A&E IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!! If positive - well then it's up to you. Sending LOTS of positive vibes. K XXXXX
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              Originally posted by Shrinking_Violet View Post

              I'm here on my own and I REALLY don't know what to do.
              I thought you lived with your parents and were frustrated that they keep eating your food? In fact, weren't they planning a kitchen remodel in the new year? Ask your parents for help, they are apparently right down the hall.
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                *really trying to not go into a rant about socialized healthcare*

                Sorry... I'm not a doc. Sending you positive energy however. I hope you can get this worked out quickly and it has a happy ending.


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                  why? cuz privatized health-care has no horror stories of people being brutalized by the system?
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                    Originally posted by Shrinking_Violet View Post
                    I Google my symptoms
                    You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!


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                      Yeh because private insurance works sooooo well. My friend had the best insurance she could get, her son was diagnosed with cancer and now she is bankrupt because of all the co-pays.


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                        The old dump and run. Classic!



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                          I hope it's nothing serious. Please let us know that everything is ok.


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                            It is inexcusable for them to put you off like that, but not unusual, unfortunately. Get seen ASAP and let us know what happens. Good luck!


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                              Originally posted by Grumpy Caveman View Post
                              Haha! Where the hell do you find these? I swear the only reason I read these threads is for this.
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