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Beef "allergy"?

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  • Beef "allergy"?

    My 13 yo DD can no longer eat beef! She used to be a HUGE meat eater, scarfing down lamb chops, burgers, steaks, etc. Then, over the summer, after she had a bad order of carne asada while on vacation, she has developed an inability to eat beef. It gives her a stomach ache that persists for several hours and does not respond to remedies like Pepto Bismal. We've taken her to the pediatrician, but he's never heard of anything like this.

    Has anyone heard of a situation like this? It's really problematic because it makes it challenging for meal planning and it borders on tragic for her, because she truly enjoys a well cooked steak.


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    Yes, I have heard of this--it's similar to a phobia. If it is an emotional reaction EFT can clear any remaining emotional trauma from the bad carne asada incident and make it easy for her to eat beef again. PM me if you want more info--I'm a practitioner.
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