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OT - Need tips on picking gas stove

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  • OT - Need tips on picking gas stove

    Since the primal crew contains a lot of good cooks, thought I would poll the masses here.

    We are going to install a gas line and convert our electric stove to gas...WOOHOO. Now I am doing research on new stoves and I am totally at a loss.

    Any suggestions or considerations from those that use gas ranges?

    Couple notes:
    -Budget is around $1000-1500, max width is 30" so just going with 4 burner
    -Probably going to do gas oven (still unsure, pros/cons?)
    -Probably going to keep the bottom as storage drawer due to budget and logistics
    -I am a MESSY cook, I am used to cooking on an easy to clean flattop, what should I look for in a gas stove to make it easier to clean??
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    This is where a subscription to Consumer Reports pays for itself really fast. They rate them all out for you, and tell you which ones give you the best features for your dollar.

    Having been around this block a few times myself, what I'll say is, think hard about how you like to cook when you pick. I like to do most things low and slow. Once upon a time, I saw an amazing buy on a used commercial style range, and fell for it. Big mistake. Everything was burned as soon as I let my guard down a hair. That stove would have been great for someone who liked to cook fast and hot, like stir fries at high heat, most of the time, or cinderize steaks in the oven. The other thing you want to watch out for is design for their hypothetical average customer. The average range buyer hardly ever uses the dang thing, because they eat out or get things that they can reheat in the microwave. The most common thing a range is used for is reheating pizza baked somewhere else. Be sure you are getting one that was designed to be used.


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      I've never seen the "overcook" issue with Wolf gas stoves. I'd highly recommend them.
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        My friends bought a vintage 1950's gas stove for next to nothing and it's the best damn stove I ever used. Built like a brick chicken house w/ what I call a burner within a burner that allows very low cooking. Worth looking around perhaps. The best thing about it is that it has very fine control of the flame. Not sure if CR will rate for that and the stores most likely won't have them hooked up to test.

        When you settle on a model Google it to see what you can find in the usenet groups. There seems to be a discussion group about anything and everything ever made. This has helped me on everything from motorcycles to cameras.
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          We bought a Kenmore 4 burner gas stove and gas oven. We have had two in the two houses we have built and lived in the past 12 years, they have served us well. It will ultimately come down to personal preference and your research on product reviews (not a big fan of consumer reports, burned me a few times, no pun intended!). One item I can recommend is to get a convection oven, not gas. We have found the gas oven to be challenging to work with, you will find yourself in a constant state of testing each recipe until you find out how to adjust to cooking with the gas oven. Also, removable grids are key to be able to clean up the underside pan on the cooktop. The gas stovetop rocks and I would never go back to electric!
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            CR does rate them for low temp cooking as well as high, BTW.