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Swollen, painful, distended abdomen, aching all over and swollen boobs

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  • Swollen, painful, distended abdomen, aching all over and swollen boobs

    Hello friends (I hope!)

    I've been plucking up the courage to post about this for a few days, because I was hoping it might go away on its own (but it's just becoming worse).

    I don't know whether it's related but, about a week before Xmas, I had a fall (I was up in Liverpool and the council hadn't gritted the pavements down by the docks) - because I had a rucksack on, I wasn't badly hurt, just a bit bruised and shaken.

    The symptoms I'm experiencing now are thus: -

    Very bloated abdomen, hard and painful when gently pressed (feels like I want to poop all the time - and, no, before anyone says anything, I have NOT taken senna, or any other type of laxative)

    Aching (particularly round my kidneys - I take cranberry caps regularly, as I'm prone to bouts of cystitis) but my ribs are also affected - particularly down the left side.

    VERY swollen boobs; I'm wearing what I term my 'TOTM' bra at the moment (basically an old Triumph sports bra I've had forever, which has lost most of its support, but is good when my boobs are tender) and it feels SO TIGHT (even on the loosest hooks) that it's giving me pins and needles in my arms (particularly my left one).

    I'm not sleeping (partly because of the pain) and I'm sitting around in a pair of size 10-12 (6-8) PJs - and even the bottoms of those are pressing against my tummy - and the top's tight across my chest.

    It's NOT TOTM; I had a VERY long (10-day) period which ended about December 20th and, as I have PCOS, I don't know when I'll get the next one, but I've never had ones this close together and, besides, I don't feel 'periody'.

    The old Sarah would have thought she was gaining weight again, but this one knows different and is here looking for answers.

    She can't see a GP until she goes back up north because the PCT here won't talk to her and she's in no fit state to argue with them.

    I know one cause of a swollen belly's ovarian cancer - but that's being rather melodramatic, surely...? It does run in the family though (my dad's mum died of it) but is a grandmother having it a close enough relative for you to be considered a hereditary risk (I thought it had to be a closer relative, such as your mum, aunt or sister)?

    I have put on about 10lb in about 10 days and, even though I've not been watching the carbs like I know I should be (had far too much grainy crap - Christmas cake, cookies, rocky road, etc) and the odd blob of mashed potato - but I can't think that I've gone over 150g/day (though I'm not as active here as I am up north - and feeling this shitty, I don't really want to do anything but sleep forever!) I know there's NO WAY I can gain back that much fat! Besides I've only been back here since Christmas Eve! It was a little bloated before Xmas, but it certainly wasn't painful to this extent - I look about 4 months gone now!

    My diet's fairly clean - meat and eggs fried in goats' butter, plenty of leafy salad veggies, goats' cheese, and snacks of nuts and seeds (though I have had one or 2 portions of dried fruit in the past week). I have occasional servings of goats' yoghurt (6oz 6.5g carbs per serving) sometimes with unsweetened stewed apple (about 9g per 4oz) not very often though, because the yoghurt's expensive!

    If anyone can offer me any help, advice - or at least help me to find out what's causing it, then I'd be more than grateful!

    Thank you

    Sarah xxx
    La tristesse durera toujours...

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    Are you taking your Vitamin D3? You must take between 5,000 & 10,000 IU Daily to get your blood level to an optimum 60-70 ng/ml.

    Your immune system does not function properly if you are vitamin D3 deficient, and you open yourself to an amazing array of disease & health problems, including cancers, bone problems, autoimmune diseases and MUCH MORE. Get started on your Vitamin D3 and test your blood in 2 months. Full details below this message.

    Bottom line, Vitamin D3 is THE most important supplement to our health.

    Get well soon,


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      Yes, Grizz I take it religiously.
      La tristesse durera toujours...


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        Lol Grizz I really doubt that a vitamin D deficiency would be the cause of such symptoms, and I honestly think claiming it is a cure-all is foolish.

        SV those symptoms sound terrible, and potentially dangerous! If you can't see one right away, I would schedule an appointment with a doctor ASAP.
        I'm afraid I have no real suggestions for helping you.. I can imagine eating easily digestable liquid food such as soups, broths and coconut milk could be beneficial as an alternative to solid food, to give your bloated stomach some rest.


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          A similar thing happened to me, minus the fall, about nine years ago. I gained twenty pounds in two weeks, couldn't even put my shoes on, or walk after the first week. My then boyfriend, now partner had to carry me to the toilet. How nice. Anyway, I didn't pee for a week, and then spent a week peeing every half hour, which brought me back to my usual weight.

          I went to the dr during week three and he told me to stop drinking and eating processed foods. I was in college, a straight-edge, and prepared all my food from scratch. I was also grain-free at that time, and ate minimal dairy because I was on a student budget, so I opted for meat and veggies. Dr. Jacka$$ refused to believe me, even though eating processed food and drinking doesn't usually cause twenty lbs of weight gain in two weeks, and I wasn't eating that or drinking anyway.

          I still have no idea why that happened. I slept for 48 hours several times while that was going on. It was scary. It ended my gym trips, though. It took a long time for my energy to increase. I only guess that there was a connection between my daily workouts and hypothyroid, and hypoadrenia (which I didn't know about then). I am 5'6" and weighed 135lbs then, until I put on 20lbs for those few weeks. It could have been connected with D3 deficiency since I didn't know about that either. But you take that. Maybe eating grains increased your mineral/vitamin needs beyond what you're taking?

          Have you eaten some olive oil? I used to take 2 TBSP when my liver or gallbladder were not functioning well. I didn't discover that until a few years ago, but it worked very well. Now I haven't had obvious liver/gallbladder issues since eating so much more animal and coconut fats. You're obviously having a fluid distribution problem; I would suspect the liver first and go from there, but I'm no expert. That's just been my experience with my body, which tends toward liver issues from chronic stress.

          I hope you feel well soon.


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            I know you have been suffering a lot of health problems since I have joined this group. There must be a common denominator or a common cause for all of your ailments. Lets see if this set of ailments has anything in common.

            * Very bloated abdomen, hard and painful when gently pressed (feels like I want to poop all the time -
            See if this one of these matches your symptoms:

            * Aching (particularly round my kidneys -
            Question - Sarah does this mean aching lower back, aches on both sides? Or on just one side. The kidneys are just below the rib cage
            If it were your kidneys you would not be aching, you would be screaming in pain. Likely from your accident. Read this link to see if this fits your symptoms or adds insight.

            * my ribs are also affected - particularly down the left side.
            Sarah, IMO likely caused by your accident, ribs are easily injured

            * VERY swollen boobs;
            Are they painful? Tender? Both breasts? Any lumps?

            * I have PCOS

            * I don't really want to do anything but sleep forever!

            I have questions.
            1) Is your urine color normal ( light yellow), normal frequency?
            2) Are you regular, poo once every day?
            3) Is your poo normal type 4 or abnormal. See this chart:

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              Maybe you shouldn't eat so much dairy.
              You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!


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                Umm...maybe you're pregnant??


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                  I would go see a doctor. After a fall, a hard sore abdomen and swelling and kidney pain could mean internal bleeding.
                  The more I see the less I know for sure.
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                    1+ lil earthmomma

                    I thought "appendicitis?" but then I thought "internal bleeding from the fall."

                    It's something you need to have checked out, IMO.


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                      Originally posted by lil_earthmomma View Post
                      I would go see a doctor. After a fall, a hard sore abdomen and swelling and kidney pain could mean internal bleeding.


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                        Thank you all for your suggestions. I'm now wondering if I have cysts on my left ovary, as that's where the pain's concentrated. The fall wasn't bad (my rucksack broke it). I'm going to struggle to the walk-in centre 20 miles away and see if I can see someone sympathetic (I now have an autism alert card, so I hope I'll be treated with some kind of respect).

                        My diet hasn't been the cleanest of late, but even I know you don't gain 10lbs of fat in 10 days! Yes, I've had bits of fruitcake, cookies and rocky road, and I did overindulge over Xmas, but 'insidious weight gain' level?! I don't think so! I snack on nuts occasionally (they come in little punnets, so I can't overindulge (if I had a 6oz bag of macs, I'd eat a 6oz bag of macs in one go - but a 50g punnet allows portion control!) I'm attempting to eliminate the dried fruit (but what I do eat of that would only push the carbs to around 75g)

                        There's just one thing I have to ask; what are the consequences of a protein-heavy diet (if there are any)? If I had to break my regular diet down then it would look something like this: -

                        150g protein (meat here tends to be rather lean - around 25g protein per 100g) this consists of 150g meat and 2 eggs per meal in 3 meals.
                        25g carbs (when I'm not stuffing shit down me throat)
                        75g fat

                        Total calories: - 1,375 (I'm not doing ANY exercise at the moment because I feel so shitty. I was doing plenty of 'Grok-walking' as I term it, when I was in Liverpool and, consequently, I ate more - far more!

                        I am basing that on my weight before all this of 117lb; minimal exercise at the moment (gives me a daily value of 1,566; light (though I'm not even doing that much) is 1,794 - moderate (which is what I was doing in Liverpool when I felt fantastic!) is 2,023.

                        I have these stupid, spindly little arms and a bloated torso - I look like a famine victim!

                        Just had to dig out my old 34DD bras. Not impressed!
                        La tristesse durera toujours...


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                          Hmm - kidney stones - I have some of the symptoms, but why would they cause a swollen belly and boobs...?
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                            Quit trying to self-diagnose and go see a doc.

                            Is pregnancy a possiblity?
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                              Originally posted by BarbeyGirl View Post
                              Quit trying to self-diagnose and go see a doc.

                              Is pregnancy a possiblity?
                              What a terrifying prospect.
                              For lots of tasty recipes, check out my blog -