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  • The Wild Within

    I've been seeing commercials for this show. I'm totally into it. Thought you all might find it interesting.

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    Looks pretty sweet. I'll have to check it out.
    "A man in this world without learning is as a beast of the field."

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      I LOVE the Travel Channel. If I had to have 2 channels, it would be AMC and Travel. Only television worth a crap is on those two channels.

      Thank you for the head's up!!!
      Every Day is a New Adventure


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        I hate shows like this.

        Once it comes out, all my favorite "pickin' sites" are going to be bare.

        Once in a fine eastern city I had scoped the neighborhood and located many sources of amaranth. I checked them regularly, waiting for the seeds to be just right for harvest. A public television show about wild plants came on and just two days later all of 'my' amaranth was already picked.

        I am going to vote against this show.
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        Bekandze maha bekandze

        Randza samu gate soha


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          It does look interesting. I may track it down at some point.


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            I have 95 acres to forage. I don't think I'll have much competition.