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This has made me SO MAD, I'm actually speechless!!

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  • This has made me SO MAD, I'm actually speechless!!

    Hiya folksies,

    I know I've not been active much of late; not had regular net access, and been trying to sort things out in my personal life (and failing miserably as per usual! )

    Anyway, I recently joined another forum, run by a friend of Martin Berkhan's (aka Mr Lean Gains). Thinking I was on safer ground than I was evangelising over at Spark People, I posted about PB. This was the forum owner's response I have highlighted the bit which had me wanting to slap the b*tch (not that it won't be obvious).

    I will say this -

    All opinions are welcome here. That being said, I think there are a lot of problems with what you posted.

    1. The Video - I think you are missing the point about the video. For one, I made the video. I am by no means anorexic nor do I have a eating disorder of any kind. In fact, I help people on a regular basis with eating disorders.

    The video is to help show how easily calories can add up and how off our perception can be. That is all, nothing more. If you read more into it, it is merely you reading more into it.

    The video in question showed her (and she's SKINNY - I mean unhealthily so - you think I'm a skinny bint - her eyes are sunken into her skull and she looks ILL!!)

    She jumped on me because I am against counting calories (after reading something Mark wrote a couple of years ago, I no longer count). If I ever get the urge to do so, I re-read it (I've got it printed out and Blu-Tacked to my wardrobe door)

    2. Mark's Daily Apple/Gary Taubes - The ironic thing is a lot of there work and publications lead to eating disorders and orthorexia problems because of the manner in which they bastardize food. They are reporting incorrectly on research in many occasions.

    Now, I don't know much about libel - but I would say she's on VERY shaky ground with this; making a statement like that, without any evidence to back it up, is - in my eyes at least - libellous and, if Gary and/or Mark were to read it (Mark of course will do now because this is his forum) they would be well within their rights to sue the arse off her!

    I asked her to provide evidence to back it up - and - surprise, surprise! - I received a PM from her telling me to cease and desist or I'd be banned! What does that say to you...? What it says to me is that she knows she's wrong, but doesn't want to lose face, so I must be silenced!

    I myself am a supporting of all macronutrients and believe fat loss and health can be achieved through various nutrient profiles.

    This site, and myself in general, is about removing dogma and false scientific information where it can and making the truth/results (as it is currently) with as little bias as possible. The two people and bodies of work you mentioned, are high of the list of offenders that do that very often in the world of training and nutrition.

    Again, this could be called defamation of character. I just find it highly ironic (unlike her, I do know the meaning of the word) I came to find her via Lean Gains and, as we know, Martin is very pro-Primal/Mark/Gary.

    So, you are welcome here. You may post here. You may share your opinions and you will be spoken to with respect. However, this may not be the right place for you and I won't let you confuse or mislead people with your posts. If I stand back and allow everything to be linked to and approved of without mentioning my feelings against it - this board becomes spark people or any other public forum. I won't have that.

    Yes, I am welcome to have my opinions - provided they don't differ from hers. Isn't that one of the fundamental principles of a dictatorship...? Don't worry, I didn't stoop so low as to invoke Godwin's First Law...

    So basically, if you put up material like that I will debate you, respectfully, but debate it I must.

    Libelling and defaming people isn't debating. I'm actually angry on Mark and Gary's behalves; she even argued - in response to another post - against the irrefutable evidence that if cholesterol, red meat and saturated fat were bad for us - then they'd have been bad for Grok too and we'd not be here! I'll have to dig that one out, it's hilarious! Apparently, his body was totally different to ours, and that we've evolved so that all the aforementioned are bad! Can't really get much lamer than that, can you...?!

    Lastly, if you got such great results with PB, what are you doing here? What purpose do it serve you because we don't agree. If you desire to no longer be a member, feel free to alert me via this post or PM.

    Apart from the fact her grammar is appalling - why does she think I'm there? Maybe because I wanted to share something that works...? But, because she doesn't agree with it, then it's all lies and is going to kill people (yet she's quite happy promoting the 'nothing but fruit before noon' diet, for example!)

    So she doesn't agree with PB, GCBC or IF* - fine, but to stoop so low as to LIBEL and DEFAME the proponents of these ways of life - that speaks volumes about the kind of person she is.

    *Again this is ironic as she's actually linked to from LG (at least I'm sure she was - or her eBook was at least).

    Right, that's it (guess I told a bit of a porky about being speechless! I can always find the the words somewhere!)

    G'night all!


    Sarah xxx

    P.S. Editing this because I've just received an email from her informing me I've now been banned! Sorry, but I'm saying it (so shoot me!) - she's Frau(lein) Hitler! Apparently, I'm not welcome there after all! <grin!>
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    La tristesse durera toujours...

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    Ooh colours
    You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!


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      Been out on the lash, mate...?! You can usually come up with pithier put-downs than that - you're slipping! C'mon - you can do better than that! Hit me with yer best shot! G'on - ya knows ya want to!
      La tristesse durera toujours...


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        Is that the purpose of this thread?


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          Orange, purple and light blue -- they remind me of Easter, spring, and happy times.

          How do you do that on here? Oh, do you know how to set the font to comic sans, too? That'd be stupendous.
          You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!


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            Originally posted by Diana Renata View Post
            Is that the purpose of this thread?
            What winding up GC? No, I was actually attempting to make a point with my original post. guess I shot wide of the target again. I'm sorry I started it now...
            La tristesse durera toujours...


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              No, I was just wondering. I observed that you seemed to be expecting an attack and somewhat relishing it. Just wanted to ask and clarify.


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                I don't know the site in question, but I have always been amused by 'discussion' forums which do not allow differing opinions. Apparently for many discussion means agreeing with all the moderators say. It is one thing I like about this site. People post differing opinions and debate actually happens. I've found the exercise threads (Vick vs. ... ) quite enlightening. As for the rest, I don't let my feeling (yes, the last one I have left) get hurt by people on the internets. I am sure Mark can handle an idiot saying things about him. If not, I am sure he has a good primal lawyer (bring out the fresh meat!)
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                  So, you were banned for trolling another site?

                  Color me not shocked.


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                    Originally posted by Lojasmo View Post
                    So, you were banned for trolling another site?

                    Color me not shocked.
                    Thats not very complementary. Hue do you think you are?


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                      Hue do you think you are?
                      <rim shot>


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                        S_V is right. You are slipping Grumpy....

                        And for the record Martin supports what Mark is doing but thinks Gary is a tool. Basically Martin beleives Paleo/Primal can work but not for the reasons that the paleotarded GCBC beleivers think.

                        Also, Mark says you shouldn't need to count calories not don't count calories because calories don't matter. Those are 2 different statements. If you don't beleive me read chapter 8 again.

                        If you are going to argue with a forum admin you are going to get smacked with the ban hammer. Simple as that. It may be a "discussion" forum but it is still her forum. She provides the rules fer her forum to follow. If it was a true dictatorship you would not be allowed to leave but you can so I advise you to exercise your actual freedom and leave her forum.
                        Don't be a paleotard...






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                          I don't understand why everyone thinks I was trying to bash S_V. I like the pretty colours.

                          You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!


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                            While I don't count calories I do believe calories count because I understand their context a little better now.

                            I remember reading an entry on Anthony Colpo's site where a reader wrote him an e-mail asking if he could help him understand why he was having stomach pains after eating. This is the Intermittent Fasting rant if anyone is familiar with his blog. Colpo asked the reader to carefully note what he ate, when and how and reply to him. The reader said he was a warrior dieter and only ate once a day at night, but he went on to describe a humongous meal with over 8 globs of butter on literally everything he ate. Colpo then tore him apart saying that just because you want to eat once a day it doesn't mean you shouldn't pay attention to portion size, and that you can't just shove so much butter down your throat and expect to lean out even if it's good fats, etc etc.

                            I see that around here often too, and at first I was all "hey sweet! these people are eating tons of food and losing!" then I realized that those that were being "succesful" with that method, had more weight to lose than I did so I couldn't go ahead and do the same things they're doing. In order for me to successfully lose weight I have to make sure not to over indulge way too much all the time. Does that mean I under-eat or watch calories? Absolutely not, but I do make sure to watch it on just how liberal I am with those "good" calories that can add up and send me over the edge, especially during winter months when I'm going to be less active.

                            Regarding her censoring of your posts, she's probably just weary (as I also now am) of telling people to forget their calorie counting ways, because it can lead to them halting their weight loss (assuming that's their goal) because they really think they don't ultimately matter. I know calories from primal foods act on the body differently, which is why one is encouraged not to obsess over them, and once one is given an understanding of how things don't work on a day to day basis - as in, the day doesn't exactly start and end with a + or - on calories - but rather works in a continuum, they can relax their approach to dieting and stop counting calories BUT many people don't have this understanding so they keep counting calories.

                            that's all I have to say on the matter, I do think it's kind of shitty she shut you down, but I have half a mind to think you told someone sometime to fuck off and they probably didn't like that.
                            I used to seriously post here, now I prefer to troll.


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                              The Japanese link was fun and illustrated something --- sometimes the CONTENT of the argument doesn't matter as much as the emotional component.

                              If fighting gives Shrinking Violet a charge, ways to fight will appear, and that's probably not at all a bad thing, assuming the fights are safe and not physical.

                              If getting ideas foreign to a site like that into it is possible at all, the way to do it is to sneak them in via posts which are so incredibly proper and polite and humble that direct anger in return seems crass. It's an old flame war tactic. I laugh a lot when I do it, which isn't often these days.