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    I've recently started getting severe night sweats. Ive had the odd night here and there where Id be sweaty previously but this has now been every night for a few weeks.

    I have started sleeping near nude and have a fan running in the bedroom throughout the night so its not that the room is too hot. I fall asleep no problem but I wake up around 2-3am soaking wet. I initially thought Id wet the bed the first night I woke up damp.

    I have not changed medications or the way Ive been eating, Im pretty close to 80/20 with my diet. Im quite puzzled as to what is causing this.

    Am I missing something in my diet? Has anyone encountered this before?
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    Your nocturnal hydrosis could be caused by many things.
    First & foremost be sure your Vitamin D3 Blood Level is optimal 60-70 ng/ml. You need 5,000 to 10,000 IU of Vitamin D3 daily. Please see my Vitamin D Report at the bottom of this message. There are so many weird & unbelievable diseases & symptoms caused by Vitamin D3 deficiency that it is literally mind blowing.

    You could also be deficient Vitamin B12, which normally comes from eating meats.

    Are you going into menopause? This can bring on night sweats with other vitamin deficiencies.

    What medications are you on? Some medications can lead to night sweating.

    Before we go looking for anything worse I suggest doing the Vitamin D3 & Vitamin B12 first, as they are most likely the cause.

    Please keep us informed,
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      Thats a really interesting answer. I had the same problem, where I'd wake up completely soaked, I'd have to change the bedding. I sleep with the room fairly cold too. Now that I think of it, I haven't had that happen since I started taking a Vit B complex and more Vit D. From what I've read here, I'm actually going to up my Vit D.
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        I had a butt load of night sweats for a while and I found an answer on another low carb forum: Fat cells store estrogen and when you start losing weight your body will release it into your blood stream. For me it got better with time, it was really crazy for a while though.

        Have you dropped a few pounds lately?
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          I use to have night sweats and up until today reading this thread had completely forgot that I don't get them anymore. They stopped as soon as I went primal and included vit D. Another positive to add to my list.


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            It seems to me that if estrogen were being released from fat cells into the blood stream, there would be symptoms of increased estrogen, not decreased estrogen. Hmmm...
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              As a physician, albeit a psychiatrist so my internal medicine is rusty, if you have sudden onset persistent severe nightsweats, I would make an appointment w/ your primary care doc.. Odds are it is something benign and correctable, but there are some serious problems associated w/ this symptom.


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                I'd get a saliva hormone profile and an adrenal 24 hour saliva cortisol test. Or, you could try acupuncture, as it will still pinpoint and treat the underlying cause.


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                  It's hard to diagnose with your description. You should set up a video camera and record yourself sleeping and post it up for me to analyze. You did say nude, right?
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                    I suffer from night sweats, too. Miserable. It could be perimenopause/menopause. Or hypoglycemia. I was researching night sweats yesterday and found out about hypoglycemia. So, last night I got up around 3:00am and ate a tiny amount of protein (chunked chicken) and I think it helped. Although, I never did get back to sleep.....yawn....


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                      Is this something you can get from low blood sugar?


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                        From what I read on this article is about hypoglycemia and diabetes. I don't have diabetes (that I know of) but I do have issues with hypoglycemia.


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                          Thanks for all the replies everyone. I really appreciate how helpful everyone here is
                          Im 26 so Im pretty sure its not menopause.
                          I have lost some more weight reently so that may be the culprit. Im going to start supplementing with D & B vitamins and see if this helps the problem.
                          I dont take any medications other than birth control but Ive been on the same prescription for awhile now and this just started.
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                            I wouldnt be suprised if its a D deficiency causing this. I live in Alberta where its been winter for awhile now. I am not a fan of the cold so I have been in hibernation
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                              If you are perimenopausal or menopausal, black cohosh, red clover can be very helpful. I have taken them for years to keep hot flashes/night sweats in check.
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