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    Welcome! I learned about high fat, low carb eating just over a year ago. It just rang so true for me and made me feel so much better. And I began switching my family over to "better choices" (at the time, I had a 20-yo DS, 16-yo DS, 13-yo DD, 9-yo DD and husband). I kept hoping they'd really get turned on to the idea like I have, but all they focused on was their upset tongues over the food changes. Having "stuff" in the house that we should not eat has not worked out. If they don't like what I serve, then they migrate to those poor choice foods. I wouldnt have minded if they'd have just used them "occasionally". But esp my now 17-yo DS will just sit and eat the stuff by the handfuls (and grumble cuz he's got a belly on him!). So i've decided as of now, when the bad stuff runs out, it does not come back in the house. At the same time, tho, I have really tried to prepare dishes that they like. And lots of meat. I try to always have some meat in the fridge (already prepared) so they can grab that out if they need something to eat. It has been so heartening to watch my 17-yo grab chicken out of the fridge, put a glob of butter in a pan and heat up that chicken just to eat it. I know now we are making progress.

    I made an apple crisp and pumpkin pie for Christmas (using the Nourishing Traditions recipes) and neither were a hit. so there is still a lot of hit and miss as we try to find out way to being a primal family...