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    Got my first grok t-shirt! grok on!

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    I got a set of parallettes and gymnastic rings. I'm happy.
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      Originally posted by jguyc View Post
      Got my first grok t-shirt! grok on!
      I want one! I think I'll wait until my arms are tank-worthy and get that cute little tank Maybe that will coincide with tank-weather.
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        I asked for the Grok On! tank top, but I didn't get it. On the bright side, I did get another kettlebell!
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          I got a pair of VFFs! I've got gorilla feet! (they crack me up every time I look at my feet! I got the black KSOs and they REALLY look like gorilla feet!) Now I just have to (slowly) convince my little pinky toes that these shoes are awesome. Cause they fit great except for my littlest toes. They are just bent funny, probably from years of workboot wearing.


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            I got a new pair of VFF that a doctor friend of mine picked up for me in London. And getting a new tattoo in a week or so before I come back to the States.
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