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grain-free diet cured my BUNNY

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  • grain-free diet cured my BUNNY

    When my husband and I got married in 2004 we were given two bunnies (a male and a female) that became very dear to us. The male one died in 2008. The female one continued to be healthy but she was relatively fat; we were told that this is to be expected and normal when they become older. Her typical food (we have studied quite a few books on rabbit/bunny keeping when we got them) was store-bought bunny food that mostly consists of grains in the morning and vegetables in the evening. In 2009, shortly after our daughter was born, the bunny`s health detoriated. He digestion was troubled, she became very dirty, she smelled awful, she lost a good part of her fur. She smelled so bad that we had to clean her cage daily, otherwise it was all too bad. She was so miserable that we allready considered if it would be better for her to have her put to sleep. My husband searched the internet on what might be helpful and eventually found the advice to completely eliminate the store bought food. We did just that and within days her digestion was as good as it could be. She stopped smelling, she wasn`t dirty anymore. Within a month her fur was perfect and shiny again. She lost weight and is very active, though she is
    6 1/2 years old now which is quite old for a bunny. She only eats hay and vegetables and other greens, the grains had nearly killed her...

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    Just goes to show that grains are bad even for our little friends, my dog is currently on a grain and corn free diet.
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      Makes sense - how much grain would a bunny get in the wild really - only the seasonal stuff and not much of that either.

      I am very careful what canned foods I feed my cats, the cheap ones have a lot of grain and fruit fillers - and as cats are obligate carnivores they cannot digest that stuff. And it makes their poo smell just vile! Ours get only the ones with no fillers and raw meat.
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        I'm all for feeding animals (including humans) species appropriate foods. Our bunny, however, currently get store bought rabbit food. The cats aren't on a grain free food yet, but they will be soon. They all seem to do fine with it. The dogs get grain free kibble.
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          I put my doggies on a primal diet, too. our 11-yo lab had serious arthritis 5 yrs ago and could hardly walk very far. She's been grain-free for perhaps 5-6 months (time flies when you're having fun, i tell ya!) and she is SO happy!! She, too, was very stinky at the beginning of this year to the point we could not stand to have her lay near us. All clean and pretty smelling now!

          we have guinea pigs, too, and I shudder at what we were feeding them. The pellets were the worst so we've discontinued using them. they now just get alfalfa and fresh greens now. happy happy pigs!

          Now the poor cats... I just can't take any more "caring" so they are getting conventional kibble. :-((

          But besides the dogs, my energy is going in to feeding my 22 laying hens (new to us this year) so they will give us eggs throughout the winter! We were very pleased to pull 16 eggs from them yesterday! woot!!


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            This is an amazing and eye opening message thread. I forwarded this thread to everyone on my Email List.

            We have a relative who feeds her dogs exclusively raw deer meat from hunting. Her freezer is filled with deer meat.



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              My husband has followed PB since July and I officially started in late November. I put the cats on it in early November by purchasing Orijen grain free cat food. They seem to like it and I'm hoping it will help them lose a couple pounds since they're big fatties.


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                Orijen is a great food, its what I feed my cat as well. I used to raw feed my dogs, and I have to say the dog that was raised as a pup on raw food has a cast iron stomach and can eat anything without getting sick or an upset stomach. She's an utter princess in every other way. Raw feeding big dogs is alot of work, and I've gone back to kibble but its always quality, with no corn or wheat.
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                  Originally posted by Grizz View Post
                  We have a relative who feeds her dogs exclusively raw deer meat from hunting. Her freezer is filled with deer meat.

                  I hope they feed them more than just deer meat. bones and organs are also important. Deer meat was too rich for our dogs...gave them all the runs. But they love deer shoulder blades to gnaw on.
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                    My cat gets grain free kibble and raw organs/scrap meat our meat guy grinds and sells for pets. She lost a ton of weight when we switched her diet and stopped hunting in the yard too.


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                      Awe..Purina and General Mills, purveyors of health!


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                        we had a rabbit who lived with us for a decade before passing naturally. he was amazing.

                        his diet consisted of: all the veggies he could handle, timothy hay, and a high hay-content, grain free food (made for lab rabbits actually). he hardly ate any of the food. he also got dried goji berries (those cleared up the "clouds" in his eyes), sprouts, and wheatgrass every day.

                        he also got acupuncture.

                        i love bunnies.


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                          I'm pretty sure grains killed my cat. I've switched my dogs to a grain free food recently. Too early to tell but they do seem to have more energy now.
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                            When I switched my cat to grain-free, the change was amazing and almost immediate. Her coat turned super soft again, she regained all her energy (she was only 6 years old at the time) -- now she insists that we play every day, and races through the house like a crazy kitten on a regular basis. Before that -- maybe she'd play 2-3 times a week, and had stopped racing around. I actually switched her before I switched myself. I don't feed her a raw diet -- just wet food with no grain.
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