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Trying to help my sis (thyroid, kidney stones, etc. etc.)

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  • Trying to help my sis (thyroid, kidney stones, etc. etc.)

    My poor sister is stuck in a medical nightmare. She has Hashimoto's disease and has had numerous kidney stones which have been horribly painful. She has gained a lot of weight from the thyroid issues coupled with the fact that she suffered 4 broken toes in the line of duty as a police officer and has had a second surgery to try to fix her foot, and can barely get around much less exercise like she wants to. She is well on her way to being disabled and unable to return to her job . The latest blow is bone spurs on several vertebrae and some bone degeneration of the spine. She is feeling hopeless because none of this seems to be going in a positive direction.

    Part of the reason I started Primal Blueprint was to use myself as a guinea pig and try to find a good diet for her. I have had many positives over the past month and she told me today that she was going to start after Christmas (yea!).

    I am getting the books for her for Christmas and I found the excellent posts on Healthy Skeptic regarding thyroid which I think is her biggest issue. It seems imperative that she get off of gluten. Unfortunately, the medical care she is getting does not seem to be solving anything and she has a huge ziploc full of drugs. It all seems to be getting worse, not better. She has found a new doctor who she thinks might be better for her, so that's a plus.

    If anyone has any words of wisdom, suggestions, insights, I would welcome them.
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    wow! i get to speak first! I'm pretty new here but I'm sure you will get differing suggestions from members. But I would love it if you would go to Bee Wilder's "Healing Naturally" site and just - start - reading. I suggest your sister has candidiasis and you are right: getting off grains is imperative. Bee was healed of her candidiasis using medical means in the mid '80s, but it blew her thyroid. She has since taken up the study of candida and has created a fabulous program to help those of us who have candidiasis (70-80% of the population!) without drugs. So she KNOWS thyroid issues. She knows DRUG issues. she is not selling anything. she offers her program for f-r-e-e. Her program is: no sugar, no grains, no dairy, no fruits, no starches. In her opinion (and she has plenty of people who agree with her), all those things feed candidiasis so we must starve the little buggars to get them back in to their proper place and balance within the body. All the best to you and your sister. She has a great friend in YOU!



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      I know from personal experience about the spine degeneration, spurs, and vertebral arthritis. She has GOT to stay off the grains, which are exacerbating the issue hugely. When I'm on grains, I can barely even tie my own shoes. Without them, I can do anything my trainer asks of me without pain or stiffness. That's how big of a different it makes.

      Kidney stones: She is not drinking enough water and is taking in too much dairy. Use lemon to break up the stones that exist, then she can drink cranberry juice (unsweetened) with water in a 1:8 ratio (8 ounces of cranberry juice to 64 ounces of water) to keep the stones away. (Once you have them, there is a high likelihood of recurrence.) [This also is extremely effective for cellulite, BTW, but I'm sure that's low on her priority list at this point.]

      See a naturopath for the thyroid issues.

      I agree about the candidiasis, as above.
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        Tiger Lilly is absolutely correct.

        Show your sister the links below my message on grains & Vitamin D. I will wager that she is also severely Vitamin D Deficient. Read about all the horrible consequences of being Vitamin D Deficient in my links below.



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          This website is great for thyroid stuff:

          If she's on a synthetic thyroid med and not doing well, she could try switching to dessicated thyroid. Many people have luck with that.
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            Thanks, everyone, for your ideas and suggestions. One of the first things I thought of was vit D and she is actually on a vit D supplement, but I doubt it's enough. Will get her a better one. The kidney stone thing and the bone probs have led me to believe that she is not absorbing calcium. I'm hoping vit D will help with this? Also maybe magnesium? Hopefully, the primal diet will get things moving in the right direction. Her husband is a hunter so that's a plus I've been sending links and will send some more. I think I read on your special report about gluten free helping with mobility. For some reason, her toes just aren't healing properly. She had to have them rebroken and set again with pins (ouch!) Now they are straight but won't bend. She despairs of ever being able to run again so that she can do her job as a cop.
            True healthcare reform starts in your kitchen, not in Washington. ~Anonymous
            The worst carrot is better than the best candybar.--TornadoGirl


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              I would suggest getting her this book.
              It really explains why you need to be off gluten if you have Hashis


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                I'd try to avoid the line of thinking that focuses on treating/supporting one organ system. The failures of one (ie endocrine, skeletal) are almost always simply because the nutrition provided is insufficient at best and toxic (gluten, lectins, glycoalkaloids). The toxic components of some plants, and the fiber component of some plants take an already nutrient poor diet and make it worse by blocking vitamin and mineral absorption *and* by causing gut damage and disrupting appropriate gut bacteria.

                The answer is really the same, regardless of the illness (well...that's a slight oversimplification but...)

                Eat a biologically appropriate diet (appropriately raised muscle and organ meats low in Ω6, plants, low/minimal fructose, plenty of SaFA from appropriate meat choices with extra oils coming preferentially from low Ω6 sources)

                Beef, lamb (both low Ω6) and wild fish(high Ω3 and low Ω6) are preferred over chicken, turkey, duck, egg (all high Ω6). Jaminet (perfecthealthdiet) indicates that no more than half of dietary protein should come from chicken, turkey, duck, and eggs to help keep Ω3:Ω6 ratios in line.

                Organ meats and bone marrow are foundationally, incredibly important (not just liver). Brain, kidney (with adrenals if you can get them), thymus and pancreas ("sweetbreads") supply necessary phospholipids, zinc, and are the most nutrient dense sources anywhere of the b complex vites. If organ meats aren't being eaten (I've only had three organ meat meals in my life) then supplementation is required to make up what is being missed. (ie b complex..preferably jigsaw health active b, phospholipids like ps-100....i like jarrow, zinc....I like now opti-zinc)

                Magnesium supplementation will likely be required for just about everyone

                Gluten avoidance does seem paramount...but never fall into the line of thinking that it's only about what one avoids. It's very easy to eat a crappy gluten free diet and maintain a poor and failing level of health even in the absence of gluten. All cereal grains should be avoided.

                Fish oil, being a PUFA is highly unstable and easily oxidized. Take fish oil only as needed to balance Ω3:Ω6 intake at around 1:1....but really, do try to balance it by 1)reducing dietary sources of Ω6, increasing dietary sources of Ω3 and meeting the rest of protein needs through low PUFA sources (ie beef, lamb, bison etc)

                Selenium needs can be met by eating a couple of brazil nuts a day. Egg yolks are also a good source. Tuna (consider using Wild Planet has it at the best price) and other seafood are excellent sources. Selenium is necessary for conversion of T3 to T4 (among other things) and most don't get enough.

                Iodine is required for the synthesis of T3 and T4. Definitely have some shellfish regularly.

                Vitamin D - see my doc linked below. If you can't view it just follow the process of requesting access and I'll 'add' you to the doc. it's not sharing properly for some reason right now.

                My journal may have some helpful reading and I'd strongly recommend The Perfect Health Diet in addition to Primal.

                other helpful reading will be found at

                She can absolutely turn all of this around...and suprisingly quickly.

                Work calls.


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                  Thanks everyone. Hopefully, we can start with the diet and take other steps to help her. I will start trying to find her a good naturopathic dr. That won't be easy where she lives.
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                  True healthcare reform starts in your kitchen, not in Washington. ~Anonymous
                  The worst carrot is better than the best candybar.--TornadoGirl


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                    Originally posted by Kaydee View Post
                    I would suggest getting her this book.
                    It really explains why you need to be off gluten if you have Hashis

                    I have Hashi's and I'm on the protocols in this book and they're helping. She can email them for a list f functional endocrinology practitioners- if there's no one in her area, a number of them will work distance with her.

                    PS- she shouldn't take iodine because it can cause an antibody flare-up due to stimulating TPO production, but eating a little shellfish or seaweed might be ok. Everyone is different in that respect- some people can't handle seafood w/o having a flare-up.