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  • Support for nerve damage and other things

    I had my wisdom teeth out yesterday, and the nerve was wrapped around the root. This caused some nerve damage, which may or may not get better. Also, I apparently have a thin jaw, so removing the teeth reduced the mass in those areas to about 30%. The oral surgeon stressed that I am at risk for jaw fractures and breaks now.

    So is there anything I can do to promote faster healing? Can I do anything to support the damaged nerve? Can I do anything to decrease the risk to my jaw?

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    YES YES & YES !

    Take your Vitamin D to build up bone strength & protect your nerves.

    MUCH More at the bottom of my message.



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      Nerve Damage, I've read you can take B12, here is a good fact sheet .
      I think bone broths provide many of nutrients,(calcium, magnesium, sodium, phosphors, fluoride,potassium,sulfur) needed for good bone health.


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        I have trigeminal nueralgia acquired during crappy dental work. Anything that reduces inflammation seems to be beneficial, fish oil, and kombucha(probably from the presence of b vitamins) seem to help me. Avoiding things that cause inflammation, in my case dairy, gluten, coffee, nightshades and alcohol. Just from personal experience.


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          I take Nerve Support Formula to promote my recovery from the nerve damage of Guillain Barre Syndrome. The active ingredients are benfotiamine (an improved form of Vitamin B-1) and methylcobalamin (an improved form of Vitamin B12.)

          I agree -- take lots and lots of Vitamin D3. Also, you need magnesium to make bone at least as much as calcium. I like the "magnesium oil" (Google it) which is really a strong brine of magnesium chloride. You can rub it onto your skin and the magnesium soaks through, so it doesn't irritate your gut.

          For nerves, you want lots of good strong foods like eggs, butter, bony soups, etc. The nerve sheath needs cholesterol to regrow, and it takes its time, so don't be downhearted. Someone once told me that nerves grow at about the same rate as fingernails -- but they do grow.

          Here's a page from the Nerve Support people. I think their product has helped me a lot.


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            Agh! Nerve pain is the WORST!!

            Another vote for B vitamins and keeping away from inflammatory foods.

            This might not be appropriate for your face, but I know others are reading this as well. I highly recommend Rolfing if anybody has an area of damaged nerves on their body. I had an entire band or strip from under my ribs down past my hip on one side that was damaged -- a weird mix of painful-yet-dulled sensation. This was like this for more than two years, and nobody or nothing could touch that part of my body. With two months of intense Rolfing, I am 95% healed up.

            Another thing I highly recommend is Young Living therapeutic-grade essential oils. I am using Valor and Pan Away, but you might want to do some research on what's most appropriate for what ails you. This stuff is simply astounding.

            The Rolfer has told me twice now how impressed he is that I have improved so rapidly. He said I am already at the level of his other patients who have had four 10-series cycles (I am just finishing up my second)--and I was way more injured to begin with to boot. I truly believe it is because of the essential oils and my Primal anti-inflammatory WOE.
            "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -- Hippocrates


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              Thank you all. I'll put an order in for my DH to pick up some B vitamins to start. I think part of the nerve issues should resolve when the swelling subsides? Shouldn't it?

              In the meantime, I've never taken any pain medication stronger than Ibuprofen. Vicodin is a whole new world of weird to me. I appreciate weird.