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The "Search" function on this forum - a work-around to get much better search results

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  • The "Search" function on this forum - a work-around to get much better search results

    I have been frequently frustrated by the poor search results yielded by the search engine here. Perhaps its a limitation of vBulletin software? FWIW "Invision Power Board" is a much better, but that's by the by

    Anyway if you want better results from your search, use everybodies friend:Google.

    "SEARCH WORD" site:" in the google search bar. (thats all one chain there -)

    or go to the google advanced search page

    and put your keyword and in the section near the bottom Search within a site or domain put
    you also have other options there of getting tighter search parameters.

    The Google engine does a much better job of seeking out what you want especially for searches of more than one word. Google seems to thoroughly scour and get all the results.
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    Good to know (or be reminded of at any rate!) Thanks.


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      Yes, I sometimes go to Google.
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