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  • Hashimoto's Hair Loss


    I have been recently diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroiditis, and I am trying to get my hair to stop falling out.

    I started going Primal back in June and noticed my hair started falling out in late July. I have probably lost close to an inch of hairline since then. I was basically doing very low carb. I would do steak/chicken/ground beef and then a big salad of baby spinach. Lots of eggs and bacon for breakfast.

    At the same time my hair started receding, I also noticed that I was very "adaptive" to the sweltering St. Louis summer and would barely break a sweat walking to lunch when wearing pants and a short sleeve shirt (90 degrees and humid). I guess now that this was a heat regulation problem due to my thyroid.

    My doctor/chiropractor has given me supplements like vitamin D and the product line that the author of "Why Do I Have Thyroid Symptoms if my tests are normal?" created. I am now 100% gluten free after giving up beer and looking the labels for trace amounts. I have been this way for a little over two weeks now, but my pillow had 20 new hairs on it this morning and it was a fresh pillowsheet.

    Does anyone know how long it will take before my hair stops falling out and if it will ever grow back?

    Thank you for your help.

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    It seems to me that endocrine issues are pretty tough to map. I, too, had Hashimoto's ... until I lost what was left of my thyroid in my third surgery. We had no idea, going in, that I had cancer (papillary ... the most common of the four thyroid cancers and easy to treat when caught early).

    I never was cold. I had been treated for hypothyroid since 1987 ... between 1995 (first surgery) and 2004 (third surgery), I had some sort of diagnostic procedure (scan, needle biopsy, ultrasound ... whatever) every eight months. The nodules kept growing but I was always hot, hot, hot ... I was miserably hot and did not perspire, so my body could not cool itself. My hair is fine and thin so, I'm pretty sure, I'd have noticed if I lost more than the standard 100 strands a day. The outer third of my eyebrows did thin, and even with Synthroid, never recovered. As for my body temperature, I am happy to report that since 2004 I have a very broad range of comfort. My asthma does not like dry air (cold or hot) but humidity no longer bothers me like it did, before cancer. Hot days? No problem. Cold? Don't care.

    I've heard so. many. different. symptoms from so many people, I've concluded that there's just a ton of other factors and, to some degree, we all have to figure out what to do for ourselves through research, trial and error.

    Somebody here swears that supplementing his diet with silica has resulted in regrowth of his hair. I admit, I am intrigued. I feel like I need to wait before introducing (yet another) new thing to my daily to-do list, though.

    I hope you get a variety of answers and that something pings in you like a sonar wave, because your instinct is telling you to try it. Good luck!


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      +1 silica for hair growth.

      OP: Is it possible that such extreme hair loss is actually related to an essential fatty acid deficiency? That was what was causing mine. It got so bad that I didn't want to (and didn't!) brush or wash my hair. I'd be in tears in the shower and the drain would always be clogged up with all my (formerly beautiful, long) hair.

      I don't know specifically about Hashi's, but thyroid dysfunction usually results in hair thinning in general (hello, outer third of eyebrows, I miss you!), but I am wondering about massive rapid shedding like yours. Has anybody heard of this?

      Once I started eating fish (was a vegetarian), my hair shedding stopped virtually immediately....but because I still had the underlying hypothyroidism, was still thinned as it grew back in.

      Have you happened to have major surgery recently?
      "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -- Hippocrates


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        my naturopath recommends two treatments for almost anything - she noticed that my hair was thinning at the front (female, 45 years old) and told me to use the cheapest salt to make a salt pack - leave it on for 5-10 minutes, rinse off. Salt just has to have some water added to make it stick together - much like making a mud cake when you were a child...The urine massage requires you to catch the morning urine, apply and massage to scalp, leave for 5 minutes and rinse very, very well.

        I do these treatments every 2-3 days alternately. My hair seems to be fine and I am definitely losing less hair than before. And I do them in the shower, that keeps the mess at bay


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          When follicles in human hair starts shrinking then shorter and finer hair starts existing then the problem of baldness starts occurring. The Medical field is getting more advances with the passage of time due to which various treatments are available through which one may easily get rid from this hair fall problem for ever.

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            The hair fall also be the discussion-able issues for all of us.
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