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    My mother (who is 42) is dealing with osteoporosis and has been on Fosamax for a few months. She has done her research and has decided to stop taking the drugs. She has just started to see a doctor who will work with her more naturally using nutrition and supplements, and exercise (which she is limited on right now, given her fractures.) Does anyone know of any good research on osteoporosis and what will help the most? Or, just anything to help reaffirm that she's doing the right thing by getting off the drugs. The lists of side effects for the drugs docs want to put her on are bleak and she wants no part of that. And, the Fosamax really slows the bone growing process (at the same time that it stops the loss). She has another doc appointment this week to discuss other supplements and such.

    Her previous doctor would not work with her on anything besides drugs and used scare tactics to try to get her on diff. ones. I was not pleased.