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    So reading up on all the great information, and it's so much that there's a point to where I am like "where do I start?". So I am starting this thread to find out what are THE MOST important things that need to be bought to start a Primal lifestyle in the most basic sense. I'm aware that this all could be different for everyone, but maybe everyone can give me 1-2 things that they simply cannot do without on a daily basis? I'd love to also get the brands you use...etc. That might help with determing a good list of things to get. Oh, and below are the stores that are within a short distance of my house. Thanks again for any and all great responses!

    -Farmer's Market
    -World's Market
    -On-Base Commissary
    -Sam's Club

    Think that's about it. Thanks again!
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    Almond butter and apples for the nights you want dessert!
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      what I ALWAYS keep on hand:
      onion, garlic, lime, ginger, steak, carrot, celery, spinach, greenleaf or romaine lettuce, tomatos, Ro-tel tomatos and chiles, spag sauce (I usually get a store organic brand), zucchini, apples, pecans (I use those where everyone else uses almonds), broccoli, cucumbers, coconut milk (I use Thai Kitchen, it's all I can get around here), chicken thighs, bacon (Hormel Natural or whatever's on DEEP sale), eggs (farmhouse organic if I can't get them from the farm), chicken and beef stocks (homemade or swanson natural), tea, butter (store brand organic), local honey, 85-100% chocolate, skirt steak, sirloin, 80/20 ground beef, beef heart, chicken hearts, beef cheek, beef roast, goat, olive oil (cheapest extra virgin I can get that I trust), coconut oil (Now! foods), walnut oil (Spectrum), balsamic vinegar, cider vinegar (store brand), red wine vinegar (made my own: 1 bottle of wine + 2 tbsp white vinegar, wait a week), garlic vinegar (added garlic to a bottle of white wine vinegar), sriracha, Tobasco, habanero sauce, brown mustard, salsa, and chili oil.
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        if you're not too worried about brands going 100% primal (grass fed only and stuff like that) you will do just fine with those stores. most of what i keep in my house on a constant basis is available at most grocery stores:
        frozen meat
        quick protein source, like canned tuna
        a cupboard full of different spices
        olive oil
        balsamic vinegar
        bacon fat
        hot sauce
        frozen veggies

        that's just the stuff i keep on hand in case i can't get out. every week at the store i also buy a few dozen eggs, meat, cheese, spinach, mixed greens, bell peppers, mushrooms, broccoli, and anything else i might be in the mood for...chili ingredients lately. i go crazy in the meat and produce sections, knowing full well that whatever primal food i buy will be eaten by the end of the week.


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          WOW! wonderful thank you! Keep it coming! :-)


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            I have some relatives in Palestine, Tx, naiadknight, been really considering moving there, how's the community? Schools, weather...etc...I'm looking for more open country, any ideas?


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              That's deep east Texas. I've never been to the town. It's 8-9 hrs from where I live now and 2 hours from Dallas (where I grew up.) If you want more on the Dallas area or various West Texas communities (Big Spring, Odessa, Midland, Lubbock, Brownfield, Andrews...) I can give you details on those. I haven't a clue on the little east TX communities.
              Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, steak in one hand, chocolate in the other, yelling "Holy F***, What a Ride!"
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                Costco is about the only shopping experience I like these days. Some of the organic food available:
                olive oil
                baby spinach
                ground beef
                canned tomatos
                ground flax seed

                also, they have bison which is likely grass fed and australian lamb which is grass fed (tho not labelled as such).

                I also get lots of raw nuts there (not org.), smoked salmon (avail here in Alaska), lots of good cheese (none org to my knowledge), wine, scotch, and a variety of other seafood and produce.


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                  I have been thinking about getting a membership there, think it'll be better with the Primal lifestyle and the bulk items they sell. Thanks!


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                    Some things I've been keeping on hand (been focusing on this for the last 3 weeks, after toying around with primal for a few months)
                    I'm in Texas so I have HEB, Kroger, and a Whole Foods w/in driving distance. Also have access to a farm to get meat, but only once a month

                    ground beef (grass-fed preferred, organic next, lean conventional if that's all)
                    usually a couple other cuts of beef depending on our schedule and what we want to cook
                    Chicken breasts
                    strawberries(harder to find good ones right now, but my daughter LOVES them)
                    raspberries (see above)
                    bag salad or lettuce
                    usually some other veggies that are on sale
                    organic whole milk (for daughter and I like to have a glass every now and then)
                    assorted cheese
                    dark chocolate (70% or higher)
                    natural unsweetened applesauce (i like to make paleo pancakes on the weekends)
                    bottled water (to take on the go - i should really be better about keeping my big water bottle full, but i'm not)
                    yogurt (full fat, either greek or regular...usually depends on what they have)
                    salsa (no HFCS)
                    canned tuna

                    That's all i can think of right now. I'm getting into a better groove with cooking, etc. So the more I cook, the more my shopping list "expands".


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                      We have been blessed with a half beef recently and now a whole pig, so the only meat i look for is a good deal on chickens (we cook up three at a time for my crew). We have 27 laying hens for our homegrown eggs.

                      At Costco, i get:
                      frozen veggies
                      whole chickens (from which I make my bone broth that i drink daily)
                      org tomato products (tho they are still pasteurized)
                      (for the kids: bananas, apples, romaine, cream, milk)

                      At the grocers, I get my produce

                      I do a lot of online shopping for coconut oil and non-irradiated seasonings and Celtic sea salt

                      My meals are eggs, meat and veggies.

                      But my lucky dogs also get to eat raw, so I buy a lot of meat at the stores for them (NOT Costco; too expensive!)