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What happened?? Food poisoning or Fat Overdose, or something else?

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  • What happened?? Food poisoning or Fat Overdose, or something else?

    I had a strange experience tonight...

    I have a strong, hardy stomach and I hardly ever get sick to my stomach. I might get a little nausea with a migraine, but nothing ever came of it, and that's the only time I had gotten sick in a Long. Time.

    This summer, I was eating raisins, got severely nauseated and boom - trip to the restroom. My husband said "well, those were the raisins that were sitting in the truck all summer." We live in Texas and our parking is all outside, so I can understand something funky may have happened with the raisins.

    Fast forward a few months...

    I have really taken to fat. I'm enjoying bacon immensely (great lunch!), and we eat 85% ground beef, dark chicken, and salmon cooked in extra ghee. So tonight, I'm eating said salmon cooked in ghee (yum!) and suddenly, I feel nauseated, just like last time. Oh no. Every thought of fat, ghee, or fish, nauseates me at this point. In fact, I don't want to eat anything at all, but the thought of fat really turns my stomach, especially salmon. The nausea indeed resulted in a restroom trip, after which I feel a little better (guilty for wasting the fish, though).

    Interesting thing is, the fish itself was fine. It was from Whole Foods (as always, which there has never been any incident), it was frozen promptly and properly, and it was thawed in water properly for the usual amount of time, cooked the same as always, with proper temperature and length of time. The fish looked, smelled, tasted good, fell apart well when I cut it with only a fork - basically it seemed only fresh.

    Question is, what could have caused that? Is there a such thing as OD'ing on fat? Or is there a type of food poisoning that has NO evidence or warning whatsoever?

    Thanks in advance!!

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    I've had a couple of bouts of sudden, brief, intense nausea over the past 3 days. In googling about possibilities, I'm wondering if it's a sign of gall bladder trouble. I tried the Murphy's Sign test, and I definitely seem to have some tenderness below my bottom rib on the right hand side.'s_sign

    I read that drinking apple cider vinegar (1 tbs in a glass of water) can help, so I did that, and it really did seem to alleviate the feeling, and it also tasted really refreshing, as if my body needed it.

    Zone diet on and off for several years....worked, but too much focus on exact meal composition
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      You may have overdone it. Are you eating enough greens?