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  • pooping problem

    this may be a bit gross, but...i've got the shits. it's just about every day, timed almost perfectly after i eat my last meal, so i'm certain it has something to do with my diet.
    i fast every day, eating usually between 5 and 11PM, with a little variation on the weekends. my first meal is almost always five eggs scrambled with sauteed green peppers and mushrooms (sauteed in butter or bacon fat) and some cheese and hot sauce.
    then i usually take fish oil, vit. D, acidophilus and magnesium. a few hours after that i make up a big salad with mixed greens, spinach, broccoli, red peppers, mushrooms, cheese and chicken. i make my own balsamic vinegarette for dressing.
    an hour later i'm on the toilet with liquid poo.

    here's my nutritional breakdown from fitday:
    Grams Calories %-Cals
    Calories 1,937

    Fat 151.6 1,344 69%
    Saturated 58.0 513 27%
    Polyunsaturated 18.7 166 9%
    Monounsaturated 62.1 551 28%

    Carbohydrate 45.0 163 8 %
    Dietary Fiber 13.1

    Protein 108.2 429 22 %

    Alcohol 0.0 0 0%

    i cut out nuts recently to see if they might be the help. i'm really hoping it's not the eggs; i love eggs. love them. i was thinking maybe a diet of 70% fat could be the problem, but it hasn't been before (then again, neither have any of the regular foods i eat). or am i just eating the same things too often?

    anyone have any ideas as to what my be causing my problem? thanks.

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    How much magnesium and fish oil are you taking? I find that if I overdo either one of them it has an unpleasant effect on me...
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      IMO, you need to take probiotics to correct an imbalance in your gut flora. Have you taken any antibiotics? Antiobiotics destroy your gut flora.
      Mark sells some good probotics.

      What do you think?


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        @ uncledave: i'm taking about 2400mg of fish oil twice a day mostly, some days only 1200...trying to keep omega ratios in check. i also take 1000mg of magnesium (i think...i'll have to double check when i get home). those are recent increases in both of those supplements, so i'll try reducing those a bit.

        @grizz: i take acidophilus daily. i haven't taken any anitbiotics in probably 15 years or more. is it possible that acidophilus is not enough?


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          What oil are you using in your dressing? Too much coconut could cause something like that.


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            Originally posted by Daemonized View Post
            What oil are you using in your dressing? Too much coconut could cause something like that.
            olive oil, balsamic vinegar, dijon mustard, garlic, a dash of parmesan cheese, oregano and black pepper. pretty basic.


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              1000 mg of magnesium??!! errr, there's your problem right there.
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                Originally posted by TigerLily View Post
                1000 mg of magnesium??!! errr, there's your problem right there.
                seconded! Mg supps are known to cause diarrhea, that's why I avoided the pill form and use Mg oil. Also, if you use the oil you don't have to worry about whether your different supplements are interacting in your gut and not being absorbed correctly.


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                  I agree with TigerLily, that much magnesium, can definitely have that effect. Try going without it for 2 or 3 days and see if that helps. Then you can add it back in 200mg at a time. You'll know when you've hit the high limit for your body ;-)
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                    In order, your likely culprits (and it maybe more than one)

                    high SaFA intake
                    fish oil

                    I do feel best on a higher Mg intake, which means that for me, Jigsaw Health Magnesium is the only option as it's time released and amino acid chelated. It is literally the only Mg supplement I can tolerate at all.

                    Even with that on board, I still had significant difficult getting my gut adapted to higher SaFA....about 5 months honestly. It takes time for the flora to adjust and for your own pancreatic enzymes to shift toward more lipase from more amylase.

                    You'll get there...

                    oh, and even the jigsaw mg, should still be taken in divided doses *with food*


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                      excellent. thanks everyone. i'll drop my amounts on mg and see if that gives me a firmer poo. i'll be so happy if i don't have to cut out eggs.


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                        Wow, what a brilliant example of why this forum rocks - lovely detective work. (As long as rob's bum agrees of course )
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                          I've been having a lot of diarrhea lately too but I only take 250mg Mg, 3,000mg fish oil, 5,000IU Vit. D and 40mg iron daily. I'll have a 10/10 solid bowel movement then diarrhea for no reason. There is no set schedule as to when it happens.


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                            Originally posted by TigerLily View Post
                            1000 mg of magnesium??!! errr, there's your problem right there.
                            And check the container to make sure it's not Milk of Magnesium.
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                              I can't take a single tablet of magnesium (ANY form!) without getting the runs. So I use the magnesium oil, which bypasses the gut altogether.

                              Is there some reason to take the iron? Some anemia is not iron-related. Iron is awfully reactive, and it tends to bio-accumulate. For many men and some post-menopause women, the trouble is getting rid of iron, not getting more.