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Newbie Breastfeeding Question while Primal

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  • Newbie Breastfeeding Question while Primal

    I just joined today, but have been lurking now and then. I'm a first-time-mother to a 4.5-month-old boy. I started doing Crossfit again about two months ago and found out about Paleo and Primal eating. I've been eating mostly primal for the past three weeks and I feel great! My body composition is slowly changing, even though the number on the scale isn't budging very much.

    My concern is keeping up with breastfeeding while trying to lose the last of my pregnancy weight. I found that when I don't eat enough, my milk supply decreases. I love fruit and nuts and I think I'm eating too much of them throughout the day, but I'm afraid if I cut them out (with the goal of losing belly fat) that my milk supply will suffer again.

    Are there any other breastfeeding mommas out there that can offer some insight? If you are/were Primal while breastfeeding did you notice a change in your baby's health? Did you notice a change in your milk supply? Is intermittent fasting okay while breastfeeding?

    Are there any links, articles, or discussions on here regarding breastfeeding while eating Primal? The only thing I could find is about the benefits of breastfeeding.

    Ultimately, I will do what's best for my baby. Thanks in advance.
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    9 months on, at least 9 months off. Don't diet, eat paleo, LOTs of good fats. Don't worry about weightloss for 4 more months. It will happen naturally.


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      just eat as much food as you want and need, and don't worry about calories at this point. just eat!

      also, don't forget about nursing teas. I like weleda's best. it's great stuff.

      and, enjoy your baby!


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        is it possible that when you cut down on the fruit and nuts, you are unintentionally cutting down on liquids? nuts make me thirsty and fruits are usually full of their own water. maybe try cutting down on the nuts and fruits, paying close attention to your liquids, and eating lots of other food to see if that affects your supply.

        some women find that they can't lose all of their weight until they've stopped nursing. i'm definitely NOT recommending that you stop, but maybe you could go easy on yourself until you've weaned more? iirc, i lost weight initially after each birth, and then started to lose weight slowly around 18 months-2 years. every time i'm almost back to my starting weight, i get pregnant again (haha) so i think weight is closely tied to cycles of fertility for me. in other words, it seems like i come to a point while breastfeeding that my body says "okay, this kid has had what s/he needs", drops the excess weight, and then gears up to conceive next little one.
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          By all means eat paleo, but try really hard to keep your calories up. DO NOT worry about losing weight at this point. If you're eating well and your body is hanging on to the weight, then it needs it. Don't fight it. It's such a short time in your life, but such an important time in your baby's.

          Focus on nutrient density rather than calories... eat lots of good meats, fats, greens, fruits etc. Drink enough water, and rest enough. Only do exercise to the point that it improves your energy, not so that it tires you out. Sleep with your baby and nap. Your belly fat will go soon enough, don't worry.


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            I'm breastfeeding my 9 week old girl I've just started easing into being primal by first cutting out all gluten/grains from my diet. Going on 5 days now, and wow I feel great.... lost 6lbs without trying, with only one workout thrown in. However I'm not cutting back on fats, making sure to eat fruit if I crave it, and drinking tons of water.

            Seems I'm still producing plenty of milk, can still pump a good 5 oz out of each side if I go a few hours without feeding her while running errands, etc.

            One thing I have noticed is that her fits of colicy & gassy/irritability/farting have almost ceased. She's still a bit piffy but much less than before!

            I say keep up the h2o intake, take your prenatals, and supplement with fish oil if you need it (I just started, after suddenly craving sardines like a tomcat). Don't worry about losing weight and being in top shape for now, just be healthy for your little one Your body is working really hard to make milk for your baby, I bet if you don't scrimp on whole foods and nutrients you'll end up losing weight anyways, because you're treating yourself right.


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              Also.....make sure you are not Vit. D deficient! Ask for blood test vit. D3 (25-hydroxy-Vit.D). Do a search for Vitamin D on this forum and educate yourself. It's important for nursing moms and their babies!