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    So I've heard that many in the primal/paleo movement are advocating doing without shampoo and just washing hair with plain old water. I hadn't considered that daily shampoonig, and even soap could have negative long term consequences. I grew up swimming competitively, and I was always trying to wash the chlorine out, so daily shampoo or even twice daily was totally normal.

    What about soap? Is it really that bad? Without it, are we not setting ourselves up for the stink?

    What does everyone here do?

    I happen to love the smell of shampoo and if I didn't use it I would think my hair was stinky!
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    i haven't used shampoo in 7-8 months...but i shave my head. but it's also been a good 3 or 4 months since i've used either soap or deodorant. i'll get a little BO if i'm sweating, but generally just using water to wash (and shave...i no longer use shaving cream) seems to do just fine. my wife didn't know that i had stopped using soap actually...she just found out and was completely surprised.


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      I have waist length thick, fine hair. I haven't used shampoo in a couple months now. I use baking soda and cider vinegar is my hair starts getting greasy.
      I scrub my body with water and exfolitating gloves in the shower and use glycerin soap on the pits and female regions. My body seems to prefer that to full body soap use, my dry skin is coming back to normal and everything.
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        I make my own soap and lotion. This way i avoid the chemicals that come with regular soap/detergent and the like. That said I only wash my hair ( waist length very thick corse ) with the soap once or twice a week and i always rinse with ACV. I don't use deodorant. My hair s soft and i don't stink... at least i don't think i do


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          i've been going soap free for a long time, i just found it dried or irritated my skin. and i'm trying the shampoo free process. problem being, i get through a week where it is looking good, and then i end up washing it again for some reason (this past week, because i got my hair cut). i'm not sure what i want to do. i usually only wash it twice a week or so anyway (every third day really), so and i use a natural soap for it. and i liked using ACV (but my husband couldn't stand the smell of it in the bathroom), so, i'm in a toss up.


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            I am a water only user on hair and body too, and have been for many months. my hair is about half-way down my back, I exfoliate regularly, and I do periodically moisturize with coconut oil or pure jojoba oil. No deodorant here either, although I will hit the pits with a salt crystal if I am know I will be in a situation that may need it.
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              I don't use any soap or shampoo or deodorant. I think I smell alright, no one complains (to my face!). I use coconut oil on my face regularly because I get so dry anf flakey:O and olive oil as shaving lube.


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                yeah, the chemicals in most of the soap these days is just as bad for our bodies as the crap they put in our food. i'm still using soap, but definitely watching what i use. this list ( has the worst offenders; avoid them like the plague!

                i use: baking soda & peroxide for my teeth, locally made natural soap, jojoba oil for my face, & coconut oil for my body. never been better!
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                  I'm currently have a foam pump with one part herbal organic shampoo to 10 parts water that I wash my hair with once a week. The other days I just rinse it. I would like to try the baking soda method.
                  I have another foam pumper with one part Dr Bronners and about 10 parts water with I use on just pits and privates. I use coconut oil for lotion and deodorant.
                  I also make my own soap, but I dont use it very often. A bar lasts me a really long time.
                  My skin and hair are generally so dry, I don't like using cleansers and often just go with water.

                  The no deodorant thing isn't quite working for me though. I have a powder mix of baking soda and cornstarch I puff on after applying coconut oil, and I can't tell if I smell like b.o. Or old coconut.


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                    After going out for breakfast, the family and I took a walk through my local downtown area (it is small and somewhat quaint). There is a new all natural homemade soap place ( I am hoping to check it out before the holidays and do shopping for my co-workers. They have all natural soaps and aluminum free deodorants.



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                      I haven't use soap to wash myself since I was a kid, long before I went primal. The only time I use it is to wash my hands. I never smelt any worse than the average CW eater and since going primal I smell better than the average CW eater.
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                        any of you using soap should definitely try handmade, it's SOAP not detergent and is infinitely gentler on your body
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                          Here are my notes from the previous thread on this subject, which I posted in an email to family & friends.

                          . . . . these people are serious. They have discovered that showering with soap & shampoo actually create all the skin, odor & hair problems that we have been trying to prevent. They have stopped using soap & shampoo with the result of no odor, more natural & luxurious hair & skin. They say it takes about 2 weeks for the body to recuperate from the the effects of soap & shampoos. They scrub themselves only with a wash rag & warm water, and that is all. Amazingly, they even insist that the crotch area is definitely not a problem when cleaned this way. Some have adopted natural recipe approaches to the arm pits for deodorant to avoid deodorant chemicals. One simply uses a lemon for the arm pit. The women insist their hair becomes far more manageable & luxurious.

                          Here is the message thread where numerous people discuss this unbelievable concept. My own probing questions are in this thread.

                          My question was WHY does might this even work? I searched the net and found some ideas: Normal skin is soft to the touch, uniform and without obvious imperfections, because of a natural "film of sebum." Oily skin, dry skin, smelly bacteria & other skin problems are caused by soap & detergents destroying this natural film. The body then over-reacts to protect itself to re-create the "Natural Film of Sebum." Showering without soap & detergent preserves these natural skin protections. This "Film of Sebum" protects the skin from water loss and bacteria. (odor) When washed with soap & shampoo, the film is stripped away and the body then over-reacts to produce more. Too much Oil of Sebum causes bacteria buildup (odor). This might explain why it takes several weeks for the body to adjust to not using soap.
                          All about Sebum:

                          Under Arm Deodorant Tips
                          My notes from the last thread on this subject.

                          1) Tea Tree Oil Deoderant
                          1/4 cup each of baking soda
                          1/4 cup cornstarch in a bowl
                          20 drops tea tree oil.
                          2+ TBSP coconut oil
                          Force into empty deoderant container -Unamused Mouse

                          2) just rub a little baking soda in the arm pits and that does the job quite well-JWheelz

                          3) Rub a lemon into the arm pits

                          4) just coconut oil and baking soda in a small container-PrimalPatty

                          5) Shaving Cream Racket

                          6) Deoderize Hair - juice of 2 lemons or 1/2 cup ACV mixed with 1 quart of water - Mizski

                          7) The (Sham)Pooless Group

                          8) Mom It Down Deoderant
                          * 2 tablespoons shea butter
                          * 2 tablespoons coconut oil
                          * 2 tablespoons baking soda
                          * 2 tablespoons corn starch

                          Best of health to all:


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                            Originally posted by MonkeyGuy View Post
                            What about soap? Is it really that bad? Without it, are we not setting ourselves up for the stink?

                            What does everyone here do?

                            I happen to love the smell of shampoo and if I didn't use it I would think my hair was stinky!
                            I find that the smell of shampoo, which I once liked, is now candy-sweet and awful. It's much like the way milk chocolate used to taste good, but now anything less than 85% is spit-it-out-sweet.

                            Regarding stink, I have found (like many others) that BO isn't really a problem when I eat primal.

                            At the beginning of summer, I got rid of all chemical body care products. I now use:

                            Coconut oil -- for deodorant and moisturizer (JUST coconut oil for deo, as I found that baking soda irritated my skin)
                            Tropical Traditions coconut soap -- one ingredient. coconut.
                            Tropical Traditions coconut oil toothpaste
                            Water for my hair. Occasionally an egg or baking soda and vinegar.

                            My skin has never been clearer. My (very long and fine) hair has more body and is softer, less staticky, and more cooperative. It is also slightly darker in color and feels different (heavier) to the touch. That took getting used to, but it's a good thing.
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                              Originally posted by BarbeyGirl View Post
                              Regarding stink, I have found (like many others) that BO isn't really a problem when I eat primal.