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Is it still Carb-flu?

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  • Is it still Carb-flu?

    I've been primal now for six weeks, lost 11 lbs but I am still waiting to feel great with the energy everyone talks about. I started with tiredness for two days then felt ok-ish for 2/3 weeks then started with noticeable ectopic heart beats - I've felt them on and off since I was teenage, but they seem worse at the moment. Also feeling faint a few times when I stand quickly and I end up with a headache and so I've not felt brilliant for the last two to three weeks.
    Been to the Docs and he reduced my Blood Pressure tablets by half, and next week I'm having an ECG and full panel bloods including iron cholesterol etc. Today I felt faint again took my BP and it was 108/67, perhaps my tablets still need adjusting.
    Is this still carb-flu / transition. Is my age against me (49). Is it the peri-menopause , I started with that 1-2 years ago? I felt relatively okay before I came off the grains
    I don't know. Someone here suggested that it was the carb-flu hitting late, but should I still be feeling rough after six weeks?
    Bit of a hypochondriac and always think it is something worse.
    Any thoughts?