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  • Primal armpits

    The thread about body hair got me thinking about body odour. I'm wondering how others feel? Personally, I hate the smell of deodorants on my man. I like aftershave, but to please me he doesn't use deodorant on his armpits anymore.

    Does anyone else like the smell of armpits? I found over the years that the natural smell of certain ( not all) armpits of men to be totally enticing.

    Often I'll put my nose into my husbands armpit, and be in heaven. He smells wonderfull.. just the natural manly musky armpit smell.. even if he's been sweating.. I find it just delicious!!!!!

    Am I weird or just responding to a primal mating signal that tells me he is a good choice of mate for me?
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    Nah, I know some girls who do that *I've had a few that insisted they love the scent of my downstairs place too*, but personally I can't stand the scent of my own pits and I have no idea why.
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      Funny you should mention smelling your own armpits. I actually like my armpit smell too. Didn't even think to consider the downstairs smell ... But thats a good point too. 3 places we grow longish hair, head, armpits and genitals. Mind you, I do shave and the smell is a lot less strong without hair.


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        scent is a powerful thing. other animals often employ scent/musk as one of the mechanisms to attract a mate, i don't see why we'd be any different.

        i've always noticed that when i am with someone, their natural smell is incredibly attractive to me, and when it no longer is the case, the relationship ends. with one exbf, one day his natural scent became the most disgusting, foul smell to me, and we went through a pretty nasty breakup a few weeks later.

        my current SO could work out in the gym for like 3 days straight and not shower at all and i'd gladly still stick my nose in his pits.

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          I remove hair to decrease smell factor. I love masculine smell but generally, not just pits. Recent sweat is fine -- not sure a few days would be OK!!


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            I read a article way back when (I think it was scientific American) that said women prefer the scent of men who are genetically different from themselves. But when the women were pregnant, they prefered the smells of men with close genetic ties. The interpretation was that during pregnancy the women wanted close kin for protection.
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              I like the smell, too. As long as it isn't stale.