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Recti distalis or whatever its called

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  • Recti distalis or whatever its called

    A lady on this forum I was reading named a book which would help with this condition and I can't remember the name of it, it was written by a lady and had some exercises in it to help rectify this problem. If anyone knows the name please let me know as I have this problem and am considering surgery but would like to buy this book first to see if it would help.[SIGPIC]

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    Reading a book won't help, planks might.
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      Check out this thread.
      Ancestral Nutrition Coaching
      Pregnancy Nutrition Coaching
      Primal Pregnancy Nutrition Article


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        sarahz, i've read that surgery doesn't really work. this is from women who have had multiple surgeries to correct the issue.
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          Did you mean Diastasis Recti
          the separation of the abdominal muscles?

          I saw this surgery on one of "The Doctors TV Show."



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            No surgery needed! There are exercises you can do that will fix you right up.
            "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -- Hippocrates


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              Tigerlily do you know what exercises. I have been doing the plank for ages so I know that one. Cheers.


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                Oh I also forgot to mention that my child is 2 so this situation is not directly after child birth that's why I'm hoping its not to late.


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                  I think the book you are thinking of is The Tupler Technique by Julie Tupler.

                  She is a bit preachy and downbeat, if I am honest, but if you can ignore that and just concentrate on the exercise techniques and ways to "protect" your tummy it is rather effective. I could put my fist through my diastasis (at 14 months post partum) and 5 months later, after following her method, it was down to about 1.5 fingers so it does take time, but IS effective even a good while post partum.

                  You might also take a look at Peggy Brill's The core programme too; probably better for after you have healed the diastasis as there are some crunch-like exercises here which could ruin all your work. I would say go with the former right now and maybe borrow a copy of the latter from your local library, or flick through it at a bookshop and see what you think.

                  DON'T get Ms Tupler's dvd though - it turns a 30 minute exercise programme into about 1.5 hours as she explains every single exercise in detail, without there being a run through section to take you through the actual routine. Again if you can borrow a copy just to get the form down properly that is (in my opinion) better than spending money on something I found almost unwatchable.

                  I am also seeing a physiotherapist as I wrenched my tummy while my boy was in hospital recently and it has "all gone to pot" (ie re-opened to a fairly large degree) which was annoying after all my hard work so it is IMPORTANT to protect your new tummy as much as you are able. I shall be restarting the TT next month, when the effects of going primal kick start my vanity gene ;-D

                  Hope this was the sort of thing you meant and good luck!!

                  MK xx

                  Sorry about any odd typos, highlights etc - its late and I haven't had much sleep :-P
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                    Thanks for this, ladies. I, too, have diastisis recti and am looking for good references on how to repair it.

                    Interestingly, I've read recently that planks should NOT be done...


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                      hey lojasmo, you posted from my old, now defunct web site!

                      tupler technique is good, and there are a number of things you can do.

                      but mostly, a yoga or pilates teacher can teach you mula and uddiyana bandha, and that will help the most.


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                        planks can be done, if done properly.

                        just google mula and uddiyana bandhas too. that will help. lots of good information. also, do a search of this site, we had a fair number of good posts about it recently. well, in december sometime.


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                          oh, and Diastasis Recti will help with the search.


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                            Originally posted by zoebird View Post
                            planks can be done, if done properly.
                            how/where would i find out hot to do them properly?

                            Originally posted by zoebird View Post
                            just google mula and uddiyana bandhas too. that will help.
                            OK! Just did a real quick read and it looks very similar to the information I have gleaned from both Julie's site and the Mummy Tummy site. So it looks like i'm on the right road!



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                              the mummy tummy site is *my* site. (yoga for the mummy tummy?)

                              and yes, you hold that in while you do plank, and then you're doing it right.