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    Hey everyone,

    I've been reading a lot of people's comments and success stories on this site and it seems like everyone feels the effects of eating primal within just a day or two. They see fat (and/or weight) loss immediately, huge increases in energy, etc. The works.

    I'm finishing up my third week after having started going primal (I started on Sunday, November 28th 2010) and so far have not noticed any largely positive differences except for:
    - I'm hungry less often but when I start eating I get super hungry and eat a lot
    - I feel constipated
    - I constantly feel dehydrated even though I drink a lot of water (I don't drink and never did drink anything but water)
    - I'm always hot and "uncomfortable" (like antsy) whenever I'm lounging or sitting or just relaxing.

    I haven't seen any fat/weight loss. My energy levels are pretty much the same, although I don't get that "2:30 feeling."

    In terms of my stats: I'm a 20 year old male, 180 lbs, 5'10". I haven't been exercising too much lately (as in about twice a week on average) because I've been preparing for finals and lock myself up in the library for the whole day (kind of a bad excuse, I know, but I've also got sick and sleep about 9 hours a night and still feel tired). I thought that it might be stress, but I never really get stressed about finals, especially this time around because I know I'm really well prepared.

    I've been sticking to primal food without ever breaking. The only thing I can think of is I eat cheese and used sour cream fairly liberally over the course of these past 3 weeks. Maybe the carbs from the dairy isn't allowing me to progress?

    What do you think? Why am I not noticing any major differences? Am I just being too impatient? I figured that since Mark says diet makes up for 80% I should be seeing something even though I'm not exercising. Has anyone else experienced this?

    Thanks so much! I look forward to hearing your responses!
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    Are you actually constipated or do you just not crap as much as you used to?

    I thought for a while I was constipated but when it gets ready to go it goes...I think I just don't have to crap 5 times a day any

    I haven't lost much weight but I feel 1000x better... and I've only been doing this for maybe 2 months... stick with it for a bit longer and if it doesn't work out at all then drop it. Although I can't see how it won't work...I guess everyone is different though.


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      i would cut the dairy, as that is likely leading to the feeling of constipation (or actual constipation). typically, pasteurized dairy does this to most people. if you have increased your intake because you have decreased your carb intake (a common fallacy), then that is part of the problem.

      you are antsy because, like most students you are sitting around studying and stressing about exams. it is agitating. you are not getting enough movement, and likely not enough sleep, so you feel "tetchy."

      i'm still seriously thirsty and i'm about 3 weeks in. i just drink more water. i also made sure to reduce any salt intake, which was hard, because i don't get my salt intake anyway.

      i wasn't planning on loosing weight, but i have lost inches and body fat (my body fat % decreased).


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        Thanks a lot. I'll drop the dairy. I definitely had the misconception of increasing my dairy intake due to carb intake and so I'll try that to see what happens! It's not even constipation it's more like bloating and feeling constipated. I'm fairly regular (as regular as I should be--im assuming--when not eating grains). I'm assuming that that, too, is from the dairy. Lets see what happens!


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          I started weaning off of carbs the week before Thanksgiving and have been pretty primal for about two weeks. I've also noticed more, not necessarily excessive, thirst. Maybe I was eating before when I was really thirsty and not eating high water foods? I dunno but I have been drinking a lot more water. I almost wonder if it's not my body needing more fluid to help flush the toxins out.
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            I believe proteins and fats take more water to digest... so drink up!