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    Hello! I donated a kidney 8 years ago. Just today after going to search about something about adrenal glands, I learned that along with the nephrectomy (left side), that adrenal gland's function gets stopped. I know very little about anatomy and didn't realize the adrenals sit atop the kidneys. So I've been living with one adrenal gland. I haven't noticed any problems, but I'm wondering if there's anything special I ought to be doing, or what it means in the long-term to have one functioning adrenal gland.
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    Just take very good care of the one you have left. Maybe do some reading about "adrenal fatigue" and its causes and prevention. There's lots of info. out there on the subject but in short you want to avoid prolonged stress on your adrenal gland such as from lack of sleep, too much stress, caffeine or other stimulants, fasting, and chronically elevated catecholamines that are caused by unrelenting VLC dieting. One author that has written a fair amount about adrenal fatigue and the lifestyle eating style to prevent that, is Diana Schwarzbein, endocriniologist. Aka "The Schwarzbein Principle."

    It is possible to test the functioning of your adrenal glands via a saliva test that is taken at muliple times during the day, then those samples frozen and sent to a lab. Not sure how this test would work in your situation though. I did mine through a naturopath.
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      Grumpy Caveman: I admire your compassion and bravery--giving up a kidney. I've played tag with blue sharks. I went into battles. I tracked criminals through the woods for local sheriffs. I've done a lot of strange things that other idiots say took guts. You, though, are at the front of the line for courage and care. Take care of yourself. I'm no endocrinologist so I have no great words of wisdom for you. Just take care of yourself
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        Thanks, you two. I will check out The Schwarzbein Principle.
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          Love it. Support it. Adopt behaviors that reduce stress.

          Consider making it a point to get 200 mg phosphatidylserine from food (see wikipedia for a good list of food sources) or supplements (jarrow PS 100 is good). A little extra C and a little extra b5 might not be a bad idea either.


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