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  • Totally not worth it!

    Monday will be four weeks for my husband and I. I have been doing very well. I've eaten Primal 99.9% of the time, my husband a little less. We've noticed some incredible changes in the last month: feeling soooooo much better, having energy to last all day long, my aches and pains are much better, especially in my knees.

    My husband has lost 6.5 pounds and .5 inches from his waist. I'm down at least 5 pounds and 2.5" gone from my waist. (I wasn't able to weigh myself the first week so that's 5 pounds in 2.5 weeks, which I'm pleased with. It would have been nice to know where I started though.)

    We went for a long walk. Before Primal we would walk a very short .4-mile and I'd be done and exhausted. (I'd have to stop a couple of times during that short walk.) This time we walked to the end of our country road, which is 1.6 miles RT. What an accomplishment for me!! To give you some perspective, I weigh over 350 pounds. I felt exhilarated afterwards and I want to be more active, which I will be. (It's cold here though - right now it's only 6 degrees outside - and it's going to be a challenge.)

    Anyway, we're excited about the first month - feeling great - even my reluctant husband... then why the negative title? Because yesterday we ate a non-primal meal - on purpose. We had discussed that once a month we'd eat one of our favorite pre-primal meals. Well yesterday we opted for Pizza Hut pizza, bread sticks and ice cream. (Oh, just writing that we ate that intentionally is embarrassing.) That did not go well! It tasted horrible and we are both uncomfortable this morning. Bloated and gas-y all night. Tired. Constipated. We're in deep regret. It was totally not worth it.

    My brother had suggested we try pre-primal food and compare how we feel. (He's been primal since this summer and is looking and feeling great.) Well, I can say, I definitely don't miss feeling this way. The contrast is so clear and obvious it's amazing!

    I don't think we'll be "planning" a cheat meal once a month. There's nothing to look forward to - IT'S JUST NOT WORTH IT!! It was not satisfying in any way, shape or form.

    I had asked my husband if he would try this with me for 30 days. As I said before, he was reluctant to begin with but I just asked him if he wanted to continue. He looked me like it was a ridiculous question and said, "Yes, don't you?" I'm happy he's on board with me. I'm very happy.

    Now it's time to get busy and get active in a morbidly obese body with a spirit that wants to sprint barefoot through the woods and pick up heavy things.

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    Congratulations on feeling some big changes in your first month!!

    Yeah, I would be completely wrecked for several days if I ate Pizza Hut. It is so not worth it, I agree. I think of it as Primal/Paleo's built-in cheat prevention mechanism.

    Isn't it crazy to think that we used to walk around eating stuff like this all the time?!
    "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -- Hippocrates


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      Awesome post, I have nothing to really add except keep going and I'm also very happy you have somebody doing this with you. I also feel crappy if I do a lot of grains at once, but I'm glad you experienced it for yourself and learned from it.

      Primal food is just so much better tasting anyway. Keep going and congrats on the long walk!
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        What an amazing accomplishment all around. Your weight loss, your eating, your realizations and your walk. I loved this the most!..."morbidly obese body with a spirit that wants to sprint barefoot through the woods and pick up heavy things."

        I've been there. It's amazing how much my life has changed. You will be doing all that and more sooner than you think!
        Strong is the new Skinny!


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          Originally posted by FeelingBetterAlready View Post

          Now it's time to get busy and get active in a morbidly obese body with a spirit that wants to sprint barefoot through the woods and pick up heavy things.

          great job and keep it up!
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            That's a dilly of a cheat you had. It's hard to say what made you feel crappier: the dairy, the wheat, the sugar, or the triple-whammy combo.

            So good that you're noticing changes beyond mere weight loss. Makes it much easier to stick with, doesn't it?


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              congrats on the progress and successes!!

              I'm in a similar situation (husband along for the ride but doesn't really do the research behind it). I'm feeling great and hoping he sticks with it enough to reach the same conclusion! So wonderful that you got your husband on board and that you are both seeing the results together.

              your pizza hut experience makes me scared to have a full on "cheat" luckily I'm not really craving one...

              keep up the great work!


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                Thank you for the well wishes. They will help us get back and stay on track.


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                  Well done, you must be feeling so good that you can now walk without pain.

                  I am new to Primal but was doing low carb. I'd so dearly love my OH to do it, he sits opposite me and eats pasta and rice (no problems there, I'm gluten intolerant and they don't really appeal) but it is the potato chips that I fond hardest to resist, I never met a potato I didn't like!

                  I first started low carb 5 years ago at 131 kgs (289 lbs). I lost 29.5 kgs (65 lbs) in 5 months, and then, stupidly, fell off the wagon after a car accident and a lot of stress. Back on it now and have lost 5.9kgs in 5 days and feeling great again. Stick with it, this is all that works for life I think.
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                    Congratulations on your growing fitness! (Isn't it brilliant? Same experience here - the hill that used to make me breathless and miserable to walk up is now actually fun on the bike.)

                    I'm having similar feelings about 'cheats'. My husband bought me beautiful top quality chocolates for my birthday. On the one hand, yum, and I am never giving this up. And on the other hand, fuzzy head, indigestion (I'd forgotten that existed), and spots.

                    Makes me start to wonder about things I can treat myself to that aren't food.


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                      My husband's favorite food is potatoes. He had 1/2 of one at my cousin's house a couple of weekends ago and he said when he ate it, it didn't taste good and his body reacted with "whoa, what are you doing...???" That's funny because when we started this, that's what he whined most about - how much he loooooves potatoes, can't live without potatoes, they're from the earth so how can they be bad, etc. He still has his moments but it's gotten better.

                      I do feel so much better. Stairs used to be a huge problem. We have only two steps to get into our house. I used to have to take one at a time, in extreme pain. There were times I thought I wouldn't be able to do it and we'd have to put in a ramp. (Horrible thing... I'm only 40!) But about two weeks in, I was able to walk in and out of my house like a normal person. It may seem small but that's huge for me.

                      It's warmed up to 8 degrees and I think it's time to go for a walk. We'll do the same 1.6 miles that we did earlier this week. (We should go further to undo the mess we created last night. Still not feeling right...) I clocked the distance of our road going the other way. That's 2.5 miles, so 5 miles RT. That'll be nice to do. It has small hills and windy. It's really pretty. We'll do that soon.

                      Congratulations Analog6 on trying the Primal lifestyle. I hope it goes well for you. It's been a good decision for us.


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                        I love the idea of non-food treats. I think we, as the overweight society that we are, are too quick to equate food with treating ourselves. Food should be fuel but often it's just comfort. What kinds of non-food treats could you do?

                        BTW: Mega Congrats on the transition to primal. I sleep like a dead person now and have reduced/eliminated most of my "issues".


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                          Originally posted by Hilary View Post

                          Makes me start to wonder about things I can treat myself to that aren't food.
                          That's a great idea for a post... I think it depends on how large the goal has been achieved determines how large the reward is.

                          For example, I have a beautiful suede jacket that I have never worn. It was a gift from a friend and it has hung in my closet for 5-6 years - brand new. I tried it on the other day just see how much I need to lose before I'd be able to wear it. Being able to get it on was progress but I can't close it. I told my husband that when I'm able to wear that jacket, we will be doing something special. Maybe a weekend to the city and stay in a nice hotel. I'll probably pull it out once a month and see how I'm doing.

                          I think it's important to have mini rewards along the way. A mani-pedi, buying a pretty scarf or earrings, going out to a movie, etc., whatever feels like a treat.

                          You should ask that question in the Forum and see what other ideas people might have.


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                            Well we had a much better dinner tonight: chicken sauted in olive oil and butter with garlic and steamed broccoli with butter. It tasted sooo much better and I don't feel sick tonight. There is no comparison. Huge lesson learned: don't cheat just for the sake of cheating and always try to make the best possible choice. I also learned that if I'm faced with a very high carb meal that's been prepared out of my control (not on purpose in the future) it may be better to skip it all together or eat very little because the after affect is horrible.

                            We also went for our walk this evening before dinner so that probably helped to get things moving in my system.


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                              Isn't it amazing how much better you feel, and how quickly you see those results!
                              I totaly agree with the title of your post, it is sooooo not worth it! Pizza does the same thing to me too.
                              Keep up the good work