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Primal even in my dreams!

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  • Primal even in my dreams!

    Last night I dreamed I ate some croutons off my salad, then realized what I had done and spat them out into a napkin!
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    I've had several dreams like that, particularly about potato chips. My dreams have a lot of "bad realizations" where i find out I did something wrong after I do it... like going to class only to remember I graduated 6 years ago/ I have no clothes/ its not my school... or I'm driving and get pulled over by police, stuff happens, and when I remember I was pulled over I had already driven off and the police are chasing me. I also had meat dreams when I was vegan. Dreams are wierd...

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      Interesting. Former tobacco users frequently report -- YEARS later -- dreams in which they smoke/chew again. Almost categorically, they wake up feeling bummed that they gave in to the old addiction...which is exactly what grain/sugar is...
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        Last night I had a dream that I was eating fudgesicles and freaking out because I knew I'd feel bad about eating them later on. Doubly odd because I cannot stand fudgesicles and I've probably had a grand total of 3 in my lifetime, none of which has been in recent years.


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          haha, I get those dreams, too
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            Lol...i sometimes get that... I eat bread or pasta or something, and then I feel really guilty about it. Then i wake up and am so relieved that it never happened!