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    Its about time for me to have my first checkup (an annual physical) since starting PB in July. The normal routine is have the physical, walk away with a prescription for blood work and review the results via a quick phone call some weeks later. I'm considering reversing this and requesting the blood work prescription first so we can review the results during the physical. This will be the first time to discuss PB with my doctor.

    Does my approach make sense or should I just stay with the standard routine and shock her with the new lean, mean machine that is me? (I broke through the 200 lb barrier this week, so I'm feeling pretty damn good).

    Does anybody have a recommendation on the blood tests I should request? I'm thinking LDL particle size and Vitamin D in addition to the standard stuff. I don't really know what the standard stuff is, I'm going to start keeping my own records on the blood work from now on. I may even get them to copy the last year or two of my records.

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    Yes, fabulous idea. And also request that the lab or your doctor sends the results to you before the appointment so you can examine them and come up with questions to ask.

    I'm not an expert on which tests are best, so I'll leave that to others.

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