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Cold? Coincidence? Why do I keep doing this to omyself!

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  • Cold? Coincidence? Why do I keep doing this to omyself!

    Hi All,

    So, it is coming up to my 1st year primal and whilst the former half of the year was 100% - the latter. Well. What can I tell you. We went on holiday to Asia and then Europe for which I allowed myself to dip into that 20%. Infact, I have consequently following these holidays allowed myself far more than 20% - with my 30 day failing harder than a really hard thing dropped from great height.

    Two things I have allowed into my diet [and for me probably the worst] Cheese, Butter and Bread with some noodles and rice and more than a small helping of dark chocolate with a little white chocolate and even... biscuits.

    Now, I have noticed that when I binge [ordinarily weekend vices which started to spill into a mid-week treat] that recovering [I always try and get back on the straight and narrow with promises to myself and reminders of how I feel,that I will get back to the lifestyle that I LOVE] recovery takes longer and seems to hit my body harder.

    The last episode that brought it to my attention 2 months ago was being hit by a ferocious cold. This followed a bread and biscuit episode when we moved. Now, you'd think knowing everything I know that this would make me realise?
    Now I am sat here following a weekend of bruscetta, manchego, white stilton, cheddar, butter, chocolate weekend splurge with a sinus pain, headache, earache, sneezing and general feeling-sorry-for-myself like no other.
    I didnt catch one single cold before these last two episodes!

    So - firstly; anyone else here suffered like this? Any noticeable declines in health following a cheat day/s?

    Secondly, could I be doing my body more harm than good with this yo-yo-ing? I used to beat my body up pretty badly in my teens with various eating "issues".

    I cant really ask for any help on how to get back on track - I know this is all down to me. I guess it's just therapeutic to vent to people who understand! My friends, BF are hugely supportive but they cant understand when I talk about how I believe eating crap has compromised my immune system and that is why I am feelign so rough - so I cant go "easy" on myself and have some chocolates or bikkits to cheer myself up. :/

    [end feeling sorry for self]


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    I wouldn't worry that much about some dark chocolate, but you absolutely cannot be eating bread or pasta, as in ever. That stuff is pure poison. Pretty much anything made out of wheat you can't eat, not even for your 20%. If you must cheat, substitute potatoes or even a bit of rice.

    That's why I hate Italian restaurants. Nothing primal except for salad.


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      If I go more than 98%/2%, my body speaks to me loud & clear. I had some sweet chai last night and an hour later felt awful--too much honey! It was like a bad hangover. I'm not tempted at all by wheat/grains, thank goodness.
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        You dont get colds from's from contamination, dirty hands, & picking your boogers.


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          Are you taking your 10,000 IU daily of Vitamin D3 ?

          An optimum blood level of 60-70 ng/ml vitamin D is required to boost your immune system, which in turn prevents colds, the flu and multiple other ailments.

          * My favorite Vitamin Shops for 5,000 IU D3 Gelltabs:

          * Home Test Kits, 25(OH)D Blood Level should be 60-70 ng/ml
          ZrtLabs $65

          Lab Corp Testing $50

          For more on Vitamin D See my research report below, section 19.8

          Get well soon,


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            yeah I was going to say vit D as well. And also if I've had a bit of a cheat (in the bread dept), I make sure I am religious about taking my probiotics.


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              Yeh vitD3 is awesome. I started taking the 5000iu daily along with some biotin too - the only vitB that isnt in my prenatals my doctor supplied me...and somehow *shockingly* pregnant women seem to have a biotin deficiency. Gee I wonder why. But I seem to get some eczema and hair breakage issues which biotin is supposed to be pretty good at preventing.


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                @dragonfly Glad I’m not alone – funny how these things are noticed more
                @Scurvydog Picking your boogers? Of course I *never* do such a thing.......
                @ Grizz – thanks so much! I dont think that I get anywhere near enough Vitamin D now that the uk has officially, no sun now 
                @suse – I bought some probiotic this morning 
                @ earthspirit will take a look at VitD3 

                Thanks everyone!