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Question: puncture wound in foot

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  • Question: puncture wound in foot

    Sorry for the off-topic nature, but I'm freaking out a little and could use some advice.

    Was just out shopping... stepped outside of the store and onto some kind of (extra large!) thumb-tack-like thing. Larger than a normal thumbtack, and pointy side up (of course).

    It went through my shoe, sock, and all the way into my heel

    I am up to date on tetanus shots (had a booster this summer), and came straight home and swabbed it with peroxide and then with rubbing alcohol.

    Anything else I should do?

    The entry point is fairly tiny... and I can walk on the foot, so I want to believe it's no big deal and will heal up fine...

    But I'm reading online about "bits of your shoes or socks getting pushed into the wound" (!) and am worried about that, or any other diseases/issues...

    (Although it really is tiny, like pin-prick size hole).

    So, I shouldn't worry, right? At least not until a couple days go by and I see if there's any unusual pain?


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    Should be no big deal. Your body is pretty darned good at healing. Just keep an eye on any signs of redness spreading well beyond the puncture point.

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      Thanks Liz, I'll keep an eye on it... I know it's slightly crazy, but I tend to go to worst case scenario mode ("blah blah blah... and I'll be dead by midnight!") ;-)))) So I appreciate the sanity check!!!


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        +1 - as Liz says just watch out for extra redness. I remember years ago running my hand along a wall and a rusty filament from a wire brush went straight into my finger. When I couldn't pull it out with my fingers, I got the pliers on it and when I pulled, about a centimetre came out - seems it had stopped against bone somewhere. That freaked me out a bit - especially all the rust and dirt. Finger just healed up - amazing.
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          I stepped on a rusty roofing nail last summer. It chipped off a chunk of bone when it went in. Healed up just fine. Had a goatshead bur go through my vibrams and go in abt 1/4" when I was running in a field abt months back. It healed up well as well, even though I KNOW I had to have gotten some dirt or something in it.
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            As long as you don't have diabetes and are in poor health otherwise, you'll be A-OK.

            But people with diabetes with any kind of broken-skin foot injury need to go see their doctor on Monday.
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              Oh ouch you guys! Racingsnake - your story gave me the heeby-jeebies (however that's spelled) - yikes! Naiadknight - ouch too!

              TigerLily - as far as I know I'm not diabetic...

              And the tiny little hole is not even visible anymore, unless I sqeeze, so it looks like I'll make it through the night

              I did throw some Neosporin on it (sis recommended) just in case... she said it sounded like a piece of a the security device from clothing, so it helps that the weird pin-like thing was identified too ;-)