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Prescribe meds. Proscribe sex, bacon and booze.

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  • Prescribe meds. Proscribe sex, bacon and booze.

    In my experience dealing with the medical community, the focus is always on the symptoms but never on being healthy. Fixating on the negative vice emphasizing the positive.

    Article: Against Health
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    this has also been my experience in general.

    our last family doctor, though, was great. totally about health--well rounded. he usually prescribed things like "walk for at least 20 minutes out side eevery day" and "drink plenty of water" and "switch to organic foods." loved him.


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      Well, in a nation where the majority of the population thinks Lean Cuisine meals, wheat bread, and HFCS-infused lowfat yoghurt are more healthy than a couple strips of bacon or some chicken skin, this argument might actually have some validity.
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        Allopathic medicine is more concerned with treating symptoms. Osteopaths and naturopaths tend to be more concerned with the entire body and less with the symptoms. The same is true for Traditional Chinese Medicine. People presenting to practitioners of TCM, for example, with the same symptoms might receive different treatments. Allopaths are not "against health". Their school just has a different approach. It is not the approach that I prefer.

        My preferred medical provider would be a nurse practitioner, especially one with a knowledge of TCM and herbology.
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