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  • The Potato Diet

    Two months eating nothing but spuds. Phew...

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    Well I'm glad to see that he has actual medical numbers and evidence that he ate nothing but potatoes; can you imagine how silly he would look if he just claimed things. What a tool; this is exactly like the owner of Lean Cuisine eating nothing but Lean Cuisines and then telling me it is the best thing in the world to eat, it sure as hell would be if it lined my pockets with money too.
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      Well it's just like the guy who ate monkey chow for a month (or was it dog food?), and the guy who ate McDonalds for a month, and the "twinkie diet" and all of that.

      Everyone just wants their 15 minutes.
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        I don't really mind his reasons for doing it. It is kind of silly you can't buy potatoes with food vouchers. They aren't the most nutritious things in the world, but the dollar goes really far on them.