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What the Meadow Taught Me

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  • What the Meadow Taught Me

    This is something I wrote in honour of a meadow nearby. It helped me to heal from one of the worst bouts of arthritis (and deeply stressful series of years) I ever had. (There is also a pic...hopefully it will appear.) It was through this meadow that I took my first primal steps last summer. It was the best therapy I could have ever hoped and around the corner from my house. The meadow was fragrant, warm, beautiful, and so alive. Although I was in pain, I walked it every day. As soon as I stepped foot into that meadow I felt better. I felt like I was really part of something greater and more powerful than my personal circumstances could dictate. It was a magic I can hardly explain.

    Then, one day in August, they (the city) mowed it down. Out of the blue. I arrived in time to watch it get hacked to the ground and wrapped in plastic bale wrap. I was devastated. I truly felt as if someone I loved had just been injured. The meadow wasn't dead, but it wasn't quite alive like it was before, either. All in the name of 'neatness'? Frig that! Give me chaos!

    So anyway... I wrote this in celebration of the meadow and the lessons it taught me. It might be a bit silly, but I thought I'd share it with my fellow groks and grokettes, anyway. (P.S. Meadows are awesome.)

    "What the Meadow Taught Me"

    - natural meadows are magnetic
    - nature has its own perfect chaos
    - walking makes me stronger
    - sunshine makes me stronger
    - my legs can carry me, even while in pain
    - the sound of wind through tall grass mutes highway noise
    - tall grass bends under pressure
    - meadows don't mind which way the wind blows, or if it blows at all
    - wind is invisible beauty
    - clover and wild pea blossoms smell like heaven
    - bees don't mind when I bump into them
    - I can hide in warm small valleys
    - people tend to follow
    - following can keep destruction to a minimum
    - following means submitting to the path/process
    - following means letting go of control
    - following means taking a break from leading
    - there are alternative routes to take, even when paths are obvious. but they are messier. and more solitary.
    - taking a new path means I might have to turn back
    - different places mean different things to different people
    - I bring my history with me, wherever I go
    - choice is not always the best choice. sometimes it is.
    - sacred does not mean permanent
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    Aww, how sweet! Glad you could have that experience, sad it got mowed... at least you have a picture? (It'll show up sooner or later.)
    "Trust me, you will soon enter a magical land full of delicious steakflowers, with butterbacons fluttering around over the extremely rompable grass and hillsides."


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      This is lovely!

      Being amidst nature has been very helpful with my eating disorder. Not so much long-term alleviation, but just in a get-through-this-day-and-be-grounded sort of way. I do believe that sunshine makes me stronger as well.
      "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -- Hippocrates