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Migraines and Magnesium

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  • Migraines and Magnesium

    Once again, this morning I stopped a migraine dead in it's tracks with magnesium. As soon as I experienced the tell-tale visual disturbances, in my case flashing mirage type images, I took 500 mg. of chelated magnesium.

    In the past I have had a quicker response with magnesium citrate than I get with the chelated magnesium, which I bought by mistake. The magnesium chelate ingredients read "as magnesium amino acid chelate, magnesium oxide", which I do not know what it means. I do believe I have read that magnesium oxide is not as easily absorbed than the citrates.

    My questions:
    1. I am currently supplementing daily with magnesium, eating mostly primal and still get occasional migraines. Is there something I can do with what I eat to eliminate them altogether?

    2. What is the most absorbable form of magnesium supplements?

    3. I already take Vitamin D and fish oil, should I be adding some other supplement to improve my body's absorption of magnesium?

    4. What do you think of this comment from "A diet high in fat may cause less magnesium to be absorbed." ?
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    This is interesting about the high-fat diet (I can't find your reference on though). I'm trying to take more mg now and also when I feel a migraine coming on. I do believe it helps, and I think I prevented at least 1 migraine this way! Very, very exciting for me.
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      I can't find your reference on though
      The Mayo quote is here, in "Description", paragraph 5:

      I suspect Mark's response will be that this might very well be true in the context of a SAD diet but not in a primal one.
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