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Is anyone else frikkin COLD all the time since starting Primal?

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  • Is anyone else frikkin COLD all the time since starting Primal?

    I just seem to be super-sensitive to the cold recently - in the office, in the house (not so much when I am outside IN the cold, it is more inside)

    I just seem to be permanently chilled to the bone, it was like this in September too - it was 27 degrees in the office and the guy keeps putting the air con on - i'm llike - it's FREEZING!! (i do sit by the window too)

    Only after I got a little bedroom fun last night did I warm up to the point I was comfortable and that was with the heating on full blast regardless.

    I must just be cold blooded - either that or I was really built to live in the Bahamas?


    Although living in this doesn't help
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    Oh god- office air con wars are the worst. It's so hard trying to be polite about it when all you want to do is scream 'ARE YOU FECKIN' NUTS?? IT'S FREEZING IN HERE!!!'

    I've always been very sensitive to the cold but perhaps have got a little worse as I've got older. I haven't a clue what's caused it.


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      I don't tolerate cold very well, natural or AC. I have pretty much stopped using AC, even in Egypt, using it only when I can't get air flow any other way. But there is a difference between being cold from AC and being cold from natural air. Not sure I can describe why it is different but it is some how.
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        Sometimes I have felt kind of chilled, but not always. I have wondered if avoidance of starches slows our metabolism from what it used to be. One thing I am fairly sure of is that having less fat on our bodies makes us feel the cold more, as we have less insulation, and most of us have less fat after being on PB for a while. Thinner people feel the cold more, I think.


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          I'm the exact opposite. I've done nothing but constantly criticise everyone's remarks of "It's FREEZING!" and "Did you say that you're eating ice-cream to COOL OFF!?"

          I really have no idea what it is. I'm just extremely tolerant of the cold now, and I'm lovin' it!


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            I usually tolerate the cold more than others actually.
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              I'm purposely spewing out as much CO2 as possible in order to make an effort to warm up the planet.


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                although boys - there is a difference between the COLD (dry, continental) and the DAMP (coastal, temperate)

                i just feel chilled to my bones...i never felt like this in France at -13 1000m high in the mountains?

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                  I have to constantly drink decaf coffee in order to stay warm. I just figured it was my hypothryoidism.


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                    Well it is bloody freezing over here atm!!
                    But yeah, I have noticed I am colder than I used do be. The guy I work with sits at his desk in a tshirt and I am wearing my hoodie and wooly socks and I have a fan heater under my desk blowing warm air on me. It was 15c in our office the other day and he doesn't notice how COLD it is. Must be the bowl of cereal he eats every morning keeping him warm

                    I have noticed that I warm up after eating my lunch. Anyone else get wamer after eating?


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                      I am cold all the time as well, fingers and toes and I am one who used to be always hot, it definitely is PB that has changed the temp issue with me, no doubt. I am more bundled up then my husband and he is the one who loves the heat, so that is saying a lot.
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                        I've found I do better in dry cold vs wet cold. I hate the wet cold here in NoVA. It very rarely gets to a true cold... Anytime the temp gets below 50 and there's even a slightest amt of humidity it's a wet damp cold, and I can never get warm.... now If I'm out in CO, ID, WY, MT, UT -that's a nice dry cold - I never get cold, until it drops below -10 degrees outside... but I'm also one that hates humidity, unless I'm siting on a tropical island, with a leeward breeze!
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                          Hm. I think I might be feeling colder than before, though it's hard to tell as my only point of comparison's my husband, and he has a completely lunatic tolerance for cold. (I assume whatever planet he's from is further from its sun than ours.)

                          What's up with this? Should we be eating more seaweed?


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                            Have you lost any weight? Maybe your protective blubber layer is vanishing.

                            I know my skinny, high-energy husband is always a LOT colder than I am.
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                              I can get pretty cold if I'm fasting. I get SUPER hot and almost sweating if I drink coconut milk (1/2 can up to a can at a time). I'm starting to believe the stuff about thermogenic effects. Maybe try that...haha