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  • Recommendations for a food processor...

    As a new PBer, I see a food processor in my near future. Since I don't keep up with such things, is there a particular brand/model that is generally preferred? Is there much difference in the various models?

    I don't mind spending the extra money for quality but also don't want to waste it if it's not necessary. What I don't need is extras like blender attachments, etc. I just want a quality food processor that will get the job done for the long haul.

    Any opinions??


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    I have the kitchenaid food processor and it is amazing. Every kitchenaid appliance I have ever bought has been top quality. This is the one I have. If you are single or do not have a big family, you can easily get away with a smaller processor (6 cup - I wouldn't go smaller than that).


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      My husband & I have the 7-cup Cuisinart. It's kind of huge. It's never given us any trouble.

      Good luck, I hope this helps!


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        Thanks for the info. I figured I couldn't go wrong with a Cuisinart but I figured there were others.

        My other question is the size - how big is too big? I really don't need a larger one, there are four of us but my kids are just two. Are the larger ones less efficient with smaller quantities of food? The local Costco has the 14 cup Cuisinart for $149, but if it doesn't work well with smaller quantities it's not a good deal...


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          This will probably go down to $99 after Xmas, it did last year anyway at Bloomingdales:

          The last one you'll ever buy, built like a brick outhouse. Cheaper/lighter and the motor will eventually burn out.
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            Oh, dear God. PLEASE do not pay $149!

            Here is the one I have, which I LOVE. Note how highly it is rated. $42.99

            I agree with whomever said don't go below a 6-cupper. (This one is a 10.)
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              I have a Hamilton Beach 7 cup processor. It processes food and cost me like 40 bucks from target... thats about it. haha


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                I had two of those crappy ones from target, Bowl cracked on one, and the motor started to smoke on the other. Finally got a cuisinart three years ago and have never had a complaint. those things kick ass. You get what you pay for.
                I highly recommend getting the one that has the smaller bowl attachment, Great for making mayonnaise and compound butters.
                That and making enough pesto to freeze and keep for the whole year in one go, Worth every penny.


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                  My mom has a Kitchenaid one - it purees beautifully but is a little on the small side. I have a Braun one which is big but it doesn't puree as smoothly or slice as nicely.


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                    I never use my food processor anymore. I bought a refurbished Vitamix blender and absolutely adore it - use it almost daily.
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                      I've got a Magimix cuisine 4200. I love it dearly. I imagine I'll check out before it does. My only gripe is the egg whisk bit is a bit too bendy but then perhaps I shouldn't be trying to 'whisk' dough.


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                        I have a Blend-Tec blender that rocks! (you've seen the videos of them blending cinder blocks and broomsticks?) I love it and use it 4-5 times/week.

                        Maybe I should give it another shot at food processing. It's just that it works by crushing/beating stuff to death rather than chopping/slicing.

                        I'll try it, but I hate to lose my excuse to buy a food processor!


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                          Just make sure that the blades / graters / cutters are near to the cover of the machine. Mine are too low and always I have lumps of ungrated carrot, turnip etc. It drives me mad. It is by Kenwood. My previous one was also a Kenwood and was marvellous - shredded things totally. After about 20 years the bowl broke so I got a new one - same make - and the new one is just infuriating.


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                            I have a cuisinart and a kitchenaid. Cuisinart wins hands down. I have the 14c and wouldn't go any smaller.

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                              I think the Vitamix would probably blend concrete....that thing is unreal!!