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  • Calling all Pear Shapes

    So, I am definately a classic pear shaped body. Not something I am embracing lately, since I have gained so much weight! Now, my middle section is getting fat, whereas before, just my legs would get fatter if gaining weight!
    Has this happened to any of you before?

    Can you share with me some successes in slimming down your body, while not getting tiny on top, but losing on your lower half? Is this even possible?
    Cellulite, is this just part of life, or is it poss to get rid of/reduce? I am about 15lbs for goal weight, and the fattest (and heaviest) I have ever been, except being pregnant.

    I have just restarted PB again, got sick, went through a bunch of emotional stresses and then realized i felt WAY better Primal! I would like to have a goal of being slimmer, but need to now if I have lofty/unreasonable goals of wanting legs tat look presentable in shorts again someday (i haven't worn shorts in 7 yrs!!!)
    Looking forward to hearing your experiences!

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    I don't think it is possible to lose from just your bottom half. As a fellow pear, it seems I slim from my face first, then shoulders, then chest (sadly) and stomach, then FINALLY my hips and thighs. I would reccommend weight training (or lifting heavy things) as you get into things - so you don't get TOO thin up top before the rest of the weight comes off. It tends to help 'balance' the body, in my experience.

    Cellulite does seem to clear some with the primal lifestyle - but mine still hasn't gone away completely!


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      Originally posted by splunky View Post
      I have just restarted PB again, got sick, went through a bunch of emotional stresses and then realized i felt WAY better Primal! I would like to have a goal of being slimmer, but need to now if I have lofty/unreasonable goals of wanting legs tat look presentable in shorts again someday (i haven't worn shorts in 7 yrs!!!) Looking forward to hearing your experiences!
      I wore shorts this summer for the first time in fifteen years! This was before I started PB. I do Muay Thai training and kettlebells--lots of kicks, lots of squats, lots of plyometrics. All those things helped tone my legs enough that I felt comfortable in shorts.

      You can spot tone (focus on lower body), but you can't really spot reduce. If you don't want your thighs and butt, you're going to lose some breast in the process.

      You'll lose fat all over, but it's going to be more noticeable in your face, shoulders, etc before your butt and thighs, because that's where most of your fat is. It's just the way it is for those of us who are pear-shaped. I usually put on weight in my butt and thighs, but there was a period where my midsection was noticeably bigger. That was probably when I was at my heaviest, and it went away. Since I've started PB my abs are threatening to show, and I'm def losing some fat in my legs and butt.


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        Alas, as a fellow pear-shape, I agree with the other posters: there's no way to diet or exercise your way to overcoming your body's preferences for where it stores fat. I've so wished I could just move my butt fat to my boobs, but it just doesn't work that way! I lose noticeable weight first from my waist, then boobs, then FINALLY butt/thighs.

        Despite ending up with smaller boobs, I'm far happier with my small bottom half than I was when both my butt and boobs were bigger!

        Zone diet on and off for several years....worked, but too much focus on exact meal composition
        Primal since July 2010...skinniest I've ever been and the least stressed about food


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          I think that the main point that people are making is about losing noticable weight. This is where the paper towel roll analogy comes in handy. You notice weight moving from smaller areas because there is less there to begin with, eventually you will notice it moving from areas with larger fat stores as well.
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            Unfortunately you can't lose weight from where you prefer it first. I have, however, lost noticeable weight from my hips and backside. The shelf one could rest drinks on is gone and there is 9" less of me to go around in the hips. I'm still much smaller on top, but keep at it and it will happen.
            Start weight: 250 - 06/2009
            Current weight: 199
            Goal: 145


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              I only started to see noticeable fat loss from my thighs and hips when my ribs, collarbones and neck muscles were grossly visable However I'm at the point where the upper body is staying put now, and the bottom half is continuing to lose fat. I guess its just a matter of patience and building up muscle mass on your upper body to balance out the bottom....


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                Nope, not possible to change your natural weight distribution if you're a 'pear' (lean upper body and most of your fat below the waist). It was true for me at a BMI of 14, it's true now at BMI 17, and will continue to be true as I gain. You could get skinny as heck like me and still have plenty of cushion on your butt, hips, thighs (and yes, I have some cellulite too).

                What you can do (and sure, it's possible that if you stick to the primal way you'll look great in shorts):

                *Eat primal to lose or gain some pounds. Of course either way pears will lose more in our upper body and gain more in the lower, so you have to compromise. Not too thin in the lean areas, not too big in the curvy ones. Primal is very, very helpful for shedding excess body fat especially.

                *Strength train your lower body. You want to make all your muscles as firm and tight as possible (getting rid of any fat that's built up inside your muscles, as it will with improper diet and exercise), to give a nice shape and support for your fat. I could never have one of those 'toned' little all-muscle butts, but I'm succeeding in pulling my butt way up and making it much rounder and firmer underneath the fat.

                *Strength train your upper body. It may end up smaller and leaner than your lower body if you lose the weight you want, but building up plenty of muscle in your back, chest, arms, and abs will make your figure more balanced. Built-up pecs, as long as you don't get too thin, make a great 'cleavage' IMO (see Naomi Campbell)


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                  I just wanted to come in and say a quick THANKS!!!! It has been absolutely crazy and haven't been able to even digest all that you gusy wrote yet. I am so thankful for all your replies! I kndof knew that, I guess, was just hoping to hear all your experiences, which you did so wonderfully. I have more questions but have to wait til later when all kiddos are sleeping. Later Gator


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                    I know two ladies who were pears (one was an extreme pear) and both had great (and lasting) success with the "Fat Flush Plan" book. I don't necessarily recommend the plan in its entirety, but I think it could easily be adapted to Primal. A lot of it centers around improving fat metabolism though better liver function. It's also low carb. I bet you can find the book at the library


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                      Again, just really quick..........I have read and done the Fat Flush plan actually! It worked for a littlw while, for me, however, it was so restrictive it made life downright unpleasant. I can handle the restrictions, but when socializing, going out to dinner there is so mcuh you have to consider, even down to the spices. if you "cheat" or eat something not aloowed, you automatically gain poundage. That was not worth it to me!
                      I love PB though, I can customize it, it's easy to do wherever you are and I don't feel guilty if I eat something not PB, and don't worry about gaining weight just looking at something "not allowed". I dont know if that makes sense or not.
                      Thanks for the suggestion though!


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                        I'm having the same exact issue - the top half of my body is super lean - thank god I have good muscle tone up there, or I'd look like an emaciated prisoner, while my belly and thighs still cling onto my extra fat with a steel vice grip. I was hoping someone came up with a solution for this somewhere, but I guess it's just how we're made!


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                          I have a question- are you a pear shape in that your hips are wide because of the bones or are you a pear shape in that you have thick legs?

                          I have narrow hips, but very thick legs. Cut my legs off, I'm an hour glass. Thickness of legs doesn't really go away. But damn- you ever seen a pair of thick legs with no cellulite in shorts? that's one hot look in my book. Shapely.

                          Anyhow, you can make any body shape look good if you dress right. Play up your assets- My waist is always defined, even if it means spanx or a trip to the tailor. Cleavage always maximized. I wear heels unless I am doing something athletic. Heels elongate thick legs, pop your booty out, and define calf muscles. Tailor your pants- buy them to fit your hips and have the waist nipped in. Smooth out rolls with spanx- for now, if needed. Buy underwire push up bras- that fit.

                          I can look amazing in a V neck wrap dress and I can look 30 lbs. heavier in a gathered skirt with a blousoned crew neck. Only own clothes that work for your body. It's easy- just grab a few women's magazines and they always have articles. You really can't change your body shape/proportions.
                          How to Dress for the Pear-Shaped Body - For Dummies

                          Check out my blog. Hope to share lots of great recipes and ideas!