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Back from Saint Louis..

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  • Back from Saint Louis..

    We had a great time and I really enjoyed my first Thanksgiving! Unfortunately I went a little crazy on CW food while I was there. I picked up a bad cold (first one in years) I'm sure I wouldn't have got it if I hadn't been eating all that bad stuff. Back to low carbing today for me!

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    I was in the STL for Turkey day too. My trip wasn't quite as far yours was though. Glad you enjoyed it and I did the same thing eating tons of junk.
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      I did some consulting work out there for a couple of years. Did you go up in the arch?


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        Not this time but I've been up it before. It's a great city!


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          Do you visit the states often? (you live in the UK according to your location..) St. Louis... yum, did your family or friends have like... real southern stuff?

          I STILL want to have true southern grits (ground up corn, from what I understand, cooked in bacon grease and other greasy goodness) one of these days. I'll gladly take that food coma. I won't eat them until I go down south though.
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            Yes we visit STL a couple of times a year as my husband is originally from there. :-)

            I actually had grits for breakfast one morning, but I didn't really like them. It tasted kind of like porridge. I got them in cracker barrel restaurant.

            I LOVED the fried pickles with ranch dressing that we got from Buffalo wild wings. A Primal recipe would be appreciated if anyone has one. :-) Same with the biscuits and sausage gravy. YUM.