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Learning From My Mistakes

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  • Learning From My Mistakes

    Hi all.

    I've had quite a rollercoaster over the last 8 weeks. I started off as 100% primal and did really well, had a couple of one-day slip ups but bounced back the next day with no problems.

    I was feeling so much better: happier, lighter, energetic. No more nausia, mood swings and the improvements were imediate.

    Well, i am now coming off a 12 day bender of complete and utter carb, sugar, everything indulgence. I feel crappy, bloated, sad, TIRED, EXHAUSTED and all those other bad words!

    I guess i am writing this because i know it will make me feel better, even if no one replies or comments...
    I just want to put it in writing because i find it helps me get back on track. I am all set to re start my primal ways tomorrow.
    I don't know why i slipped up, i guess it's old patterns, food issues re emerging due the sudden changes i was seeing ie: i was losing weight quickly ( i wasn't trying to ) and it freaked me out so i think i wanted to comfort eat!

    I know there is no other way of life for me. My doctor told me early this year i was pre diabetic and ever since then i have been on a winding path to try and get my health right. I really want, really need to do this once and for all and get healthy. It really is a matter of great quality of life or poor, miserable quality of life. I don't understand why this isn't getting through to me!!!

    Anyway.....if you've read this, thanks for doing so.

    All the best to you all on your journeys...

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    Slip ups happen! Esp around a main food holiday such as turkey day!. (ok, if you're not in the States...sorry!)

    Best of luck and keep it up!
    Even if you fall flat on your face, at least you're moving forward!


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      thanks, Jrherring! I'm in Australia but i know people who were celebrating thanksgiving! Isn't every weekend a food holiday anyway!!?


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        Oh sunshine, I totally understand what you are saying. And if this helps, then good. The comfort eating is such a sabotager. I struggle with comfort eating and this is my down fall. I think its the sugar... being sugar sensitive its like a drug. If you get a chance, check out the book Potatoes not Prozac, it may help. In the mean time good luck and you are NOT alone in this!


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          Hey Sunshine. It happens. Least it gives you a comparison for how good you feel, your moods, energy etc

          Back to it..


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            drink lots of water, take a nap, & go take a nice long walk. it's spring where you are, right? so lucky! you'll be back to feeling awesome in no time.
            And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the wind longs to play with your hair
            Kahlil Gibran



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              Today is a new day. From now on think of bacon as your comfort food!


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                Yup. You can only go forward. Don't look back except to remind yourself how much better you feel being primal rather than SAD. Go find some new comfort foods (Bacon! Parsnips! yeah, they are my new favorite veggie!) and realize that every step you take forward counts. It's about heading in the right direction not about making it to 100% all the time. You can do it.


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                  dude a 12 day bender can only happen to an aussie ... now .. back on the horse ...