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IF'ing and breastfeeding

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    I've only done shorte fasts like Soror with no issue, and while nursing my toddler (who nurses a LOT, but not as much as an exclusively nursing babe). To me, the most important thing about fasting or even just eating well and losing weight while nursing is to make sure you are supporting your detoxification pathways with adequate nutrition/supplementation so that whatever toxins/junk is stored in old fat (that you are losing) are not going right out into your milk (and therefore into your baby). Or if they are going into your milk, your babe is getting the necessary nutrients to detox those easily. So, optimizing things like vit D, K2, magnesium, zinc, selenium, also vit C...etc. (If you got to/were at your just-right-for-you weight before pregnancy and have been primal for a while I would probably worry far less about the toxins in the milk issue, BUT, optimizing those nutrients seems paramount to health in general anyway, from what I've read and am experiencing.)

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