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Happy Turkey Day!

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  • Happy Turkey Day!

    I want to wish all my fellow Groks a happy thanksgiving! I'm thankful for my beautiful baby S who turned 10 weeks today.

    And I'm thankful for the wonderful community here at MDA.

    P.S.: I apologize if a thanksgiving thread has been already started today.

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    Hi Maba! Same to you.
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      Happy Thanksgiving to y'all, too!

      I'm thankful for my beautiful and intelligent 17 year old daughter who is rocking her freshman year at UC Davis. She has a level head, a huge heart and big smile. I could not ask for me.
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        And a happy Thanksgiving to you! We already had the big turkey meal. I always fix it at lunchtime, 'cause I cant wait all day.

        I ate a bit more than I should have, but no big deal; I'll be burning it off at the gym tomorrow morning: it's medicine ball day, pretty much my favorite workout. I do love slamming that poor, defenseless ball into the floor and walls.

        And I'm extra, extra happy because my gym buddy is back after 9 months of over-seas duty in the Coast Guard.


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          Happy Thanksgiving, Maba.
          Hope it's a good one for you and your beautiful family <3