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High Fat Diet and Skin Elasticity

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  • High Fat Diet and Skin Elasticity

    My wife is reading the book "Calories don't count" because Gary Taubes mentioned it in his video that was posted on MDA awhile back. the book the writer states that very large people who lose a lot of weight on a high fat diet do not experience droopy skin after losing weight. The writer suggests that the skin elasticity is dramatically improved by the high fat diet. This makes sense to me on some levels, but I've never heard of it so....does anyone know of any scientific basis for this or maybe even have some personal experience with this??? It seems like it would be well known if it were true, but like I said, I've never heard of it.

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    My skin is certainly a lot younger looking than it was pre-primal (I'm 46, and was heading toward granny-hands before changing my diet). I didn't have much weight to lose, though, so I don't know if the extra vitality in my skin would have been enough to tighten completely after big weight loss.

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      skin elasticity is improved with a high SaFAd diet due to stability of the SaFA and reduced AGEs.

      However, dermal integrity cannot be restored if it has been lost. Age is a significant factor as well, but ftmp one gained enough weight to cause damage to one's dermis, excess skin will be a problem in spite of the high SaFA, nutrient dense diet.

      Unfortunate but true.

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        I'm sure a high fat diet helps, in lots of ways. But elasticity comes from proteins in the connective tissue, not from fat.


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          I've only lost 9-10kg and have no more to lose. However, I now have some loose skin around my chest and midriff. I'm over 50 and holding out some hope that it will tighten, but have no expectation
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            Hey! I just stumbled past this blog today and I was looking for the answer to this as well! I have lost over 100lbs and luckily I did it when I was younger so I don't have too much extra skin-- noticeable to me but I guess that's it. I fluctuate around 8-9% body fat but still struggle to get my lower abdomen to tighten up! It looks like a cross between extra skin/water weight. Some days and even times it looks better than others so I'm thinking it may be a little retention. I have taken pics to see its not just me nitpicking fine details. Anyways, I have been doing pretty low carb most of the time and moderate protein and fat for quite some time. Today I had this weird craving for peanut butter and let's just say I went a little overboard and at literally AT LEAST a third of a jar of all natural peanut butter (usually get almond butter but my store was all out). After feeling incredibly full afterwards, I noticed that my body looked more swollen, and my skin looked tighter than ever. There were no more wrinkles under my stomach, nor was there a little dimple I usually have since losing the weight! I thought my stomach was kind of bloated and gave it some time to judge again. It still feels tight!! I usually drink a good amount of water as well which usually keeps it looking "ok" but today I slacked on it, along with eating all that peanut butter and for some reason my stomach still seems flat! I have a broad amount of knowledge being a fitness professional but this sounds kind of crazy to me! Maybe there was a reason why I always seemed to crave peanut butter all along(?) Can anyone elaborate on this?