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  • Kidney disease

    I've got nephrotic syndrome (a kidney disease with heavy proteinuria, elevated LDL figures and edema) and I'm on a 60 grams of protein/day diet with a minimum of 2500 calories/day. My medication includes blood pressure lowering drug, diuretics and statins. I've browsed through the net for valid information on diet especially useful for kidney patients but besides low-protein (mine is not considered low just normal ) and very-low-protein diets not much info is available (except for the quite old Newburg/Marsh high-fat /low-protein/low-carb/diet). Unfortunately, it is quite solidly backed by science that when someone got kidney disease it is a must to limit protein consumption.

    I am just wondering whether anyone with kidney disease has a success story with the PB diet? (Maybe a modified version: lower protein/higher fat.)

    Any feedback would be welcome!


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    Hey Zente, did you start a PB diet yet? If so, how is it working? My Father has diabetic related kidney disease and the all the doctors are telling him is that he should 'wait till it fails' then go on dialysis or have a transplant. I cannot accept this and am looking into recommending him a PB/Ketogenic diet based on some research ive done showing that it is really promising for even potentially reversing kidney damage. Has it worked? Know of any other patients that have tried similar low/no carb diets and how it affects them? I don't want to recommend him some bad advice especially as the doctors seem to be recommending him having low protein in his diet

    Cheers, message here or PM me