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How to avoid being a judgmental vegan...

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  • How to avoid being a judgmental vegan...

    Found this article this morning, & this point:

    "Of course itís upsetting. But living the angry life doesnít help our cause. People tend to want to emulate happy healthy people. Being veg should be wonderful. It should be happy and light and free of guilt"
    made me laugh a little. Because we primals who embrace being carnivores are probably the happiest people I know. We don't walk around feeling guilty because of what we eat - in fact, I'd like to believe we're giddy because we eat all the very best that's out there. Think about that this morning, & smile.

    I've fridge full of the best ingredients I can find to make Thanksgiving. Real butter, whole milk, cream, fresh herbs, organic squash, homemade-from-scratch cream of mushroom soup, 21 pounds of turkey... ah. Life is good.

    PS: Please don't go flame this girl. To be honest, I completely respect people who are vegan because of animal cruelty, because in a lot of cases, it is pretty horrible (I prefer to eat happy animals, myself). It's the people who try to tell me I'd be healthier if I didn't eat the way I do that I want to strangle.
    And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the wind longs to play with your hair
    Kahlil Gibran

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    I like it. Like any good advice, it can be applied more broadly... I know there are a few posters here who are "living the angry life" - including myself a lot of days!


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      Diane - count me in that! I'm living the permanently pissed off life at the moment...
      La tristesse durera toujours...