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    I'm now interested in the different kinds of water available for washing in, as I have sensitive dry skin with acne on my face. My scalp is also dry & with dandruff.

    What is the softest & kindest kind of water to wash in? I live in the UK, & where I come from, the water is very hard. I have noticed how wonderful the tap-water is in the Netherlands, but I don't know why.

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    When I stopped eating grains my acne almost completely disappeared. As did the dandruff (but it comes back occasionally but some medical anti-fungus shampoo usually takes care of that). When I stopped eating grains I had a period when my skin was really dry and itchy but it sorted out by itself after a couple of weeks. Hows your diet? It affects more than you think... (as conventional wisdom say it does not...)

    I often try to not use soap and shampoo. Where I live now we have freshwater from a lake so it contains a lot less minerals than groundwater. This is very soft water and i really shows in the shower where theres almost no lime deposits anymore. High in calcium= hard water = lime deposit.( or

    I actually did think about this a while ago when i got some cramps during workout. To much calcium can affect your magnesium levels which can cause cramps (as can to much magnesium too). I was wondering if the body can absorb calcium from drinking water but I didn't go any further as quitting cheese and milk made it a lot better.


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      After washing with tap water, my skin feels dry right after. I'm now washing in still bottled water & it seems a little better, but I'm going to try purified water next. Only to wash my face with, as an experiment.

      I am intolerant to:

      Yeast - 4
      Cow's Milk - 3
      Egg White - 2
      Egg Yolk - 2
      Almond - 1
      Beef - 1
      Corn (Maize) - 1
      Gluten (Gliadin) - 1
      Hazelnut - 1
      Wheat - 1
      Buckwheat - Below 1
      Carrot - "___"
      Cashew "___"
      Cocoa Bean "___"
      Cola Nut "___"
      Cranberry "___"
      Ginger "___"
      Lamb "___"
      Nutmeg/Peppercorn "___"
      Orange "___"
      Soya Bean "___"
      Sunflower Seed "___"

      Those numbers represent the reaction I have to each listed food, 4 being the highest reaction. But the funny thing is, I never even consumed some of those foods prior to the intolerance test.

      I took a Coeliac test & the results came back Negative. I took the test because my food intolerance test of IgG reaction to Gluten is not a diagnostic of Coeliac disease.


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        I still am consuming the foods listed above, however. Now you may think that's stupid & pretty self explainatry as to why I have dry skin & acne, but eliminating those foods accordingly is no easy task for me. I have tried, & failed miserably. But it's because I wasn't ready. When I had no planning to substitute those foods.

        Trying to run before I could walk. And so.... I'm trying to slowly gather information on the side, until I've decided I'm ready to make that leap, run, whatever.

        So, yes, I'm eating grains, drinking regular cow's milk. Bread is quite a large part of my diet. I ate 2 free range eggs the other day, & without doubt that caused an outbreak of acne for me. I have even tried not washing my face for 2 weeks (eeew I know) & the amount of dead built-up dry skin on my face was clearly evident.


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          Until you totally cut out the grains/legumes, you are really wasting your time, IMO. Lots of folks find their dairy intolerance disappears once they quit grains/legumes. Stop eating grains/legumes, and start eating coconut oil to help heal your gut & I imagine your dry skin/acne will disappear! It may take 3-4 weeks to see results. Oh, and make sure you are supplementing with Vitamin D to adequate levels--at least 5,000 IUs to start. See the Vitamin D thread for more info.

          BTW, I have known that I was possibly grain/gluten intolerant for 9 years. I tried to eliminate the culprits, but I didn't understand the toxicity of grains like I do now. Read this and this. I realize now that I was truly addicted to wheat, and like an alcoholic, I needed to stop "cold-turkey".

          I wish I'd known then how much better I would feel once I stopped eating foods that my body found toxic!
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            Dragonfly - Thank you. You may be right, even for me. It's also nice to hear such positive things I could possibly expect to see results with. Not just from your own personal experience & humble opinion, but I also believe because I didn't fail miserably entirely. I did cut out all the foods listed above, for about a month or so, & whether it was a coincidence or not, I did see vast results. One day in particular, as if by magic, my skin, to me, looked cured. I was on such a high, it tipped me over the edge, all that hard work gone down the drain by returning to my old ways. So there was no in-the-long-run for me. During those hard times of no planning beforehand, my diet was very limited. I wonder if my strict diet eventually paid off with results, or a coincidence. That I was out the previous day out in the hot sunshine all day long. I'm suppose to stay off the foods with the highest reaction of '4' for 1 year, before I can be completely healed.

            Andreas083 - Thank you as well. Really appreciate your post.


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              But if grains are worth cutting out entirely, including bread, then I'd strive to do that. I'm going to read the links provided.

              That day out in the sunshine, I ate & drank nothing but boiled lemon tea, coconut along with it's milk, banana, & cherries. The morning of that day, I had a very good stool. Perfect in fact. I cannot remember what I ate the previous day, but following that days hot sunshine, my skin looked magic.

              I'm probably very deficient in Vit.D. Never really got much sun exposure in my life. I also might add, that I never had any new spots whilst I followed the results of my intolerance test. But my skin texture wasn't great, & still red & blotchy.


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                Based on my intolerance, could someone please suggest a possible diet for me?

                I almost forgot to mention I took a pH test via my saliva & urine, & it's a pH of 8. I'm considered more Alkaline. Usually, people with acne tend to be more acidic.

                On an other note, about Candida, is it possible to correct an unhealthy balance through eating healthy alone, after a possible overgrowth of it? I'm uncertain at this point wether I have that much of it. I did take a strong dose of different strains of beneficial bacteria, via capsule form. It definitely had an affect on me. My otherwise clear tongue, became infested with small white spots. Oops! I discontinued the usage & my tongue returned to normal. I've never seen or heard that happening to anyone else before.


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                  I've posted a ton on this subject. Most acne and seborrheic dermatitis will disappear when D and zinc are optimized.

                  A board search may yield some helpful information.

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                    What cillakat said. Get rid of the grains and all other simple carbs and all the bad fats. Get the right fats. Get your D and minerals right. Looks like you can do chicken and fish. Sorry to read all your intolerances. I've got a long list myself, and I can relate to how long it takes to learn all the unimaginable ways those bad things sneak into foods you expect to be "clean". I have wheat, gluten, soy and corn on my list, too. Ugh.


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                      Thanks to you both. I'm going to do (try) exactly that! It's always easier to ''think it'', than to actually ''do it''. But we can ''always try''.

                      "Ugh'' indeed. It's nice to know we're not alone. Thanks for the support, here's mine!


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                        When I switched to Primal (no grains, no excess sugar, no processed foods), the acne on my face cleared up entirely. It wasn't until cutting out dairy that the rest went away. Basically, decide which is more important to you: getting rid of the acne or having your cheese : ) and trust me, though I used to LOVE it, I don't really miss it.


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                          same thing happened with me. combining ditching the grains with using natural oils to moisturize (i use jojoba oil for my face; coconut oil for my body) got rid of all my acne. this week i've had a lot of dairy, & i've broken out a bit. i usually have some of it, but apparently i've really overdone it this week. good luck!
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                            Well done you two!
                            Oh I have gone way overboard with eating crap many times. I tend to go from one extreme to another.

                            But get this, I don't eat sweets, chocolates, fizzy drinks, cakes, at all. I do, however eat a lot of other junk food, in the form of canned & packaged processed food. I've come a very long way, though. One step at a time. Easy does it now. Easier said than done.


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                              I wish I were able to eat a tone of fruit, but all that sugar....
                              And I only recently found out that sugar is handled differently in the body. More stress on the liver.

                              I don't know if this changes anything regarding me having acne & dry skin, but I was diagnosed with Gilbert's Syndrome (GS).