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Black marks by eyes

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  • Black marks by eyes

    Not sort of under the eyes, but at the side of the nose, right by the eye. I hadn't noticed, then an (elderly) lady I was visiting last evening said they were a sign of deficiencies. I hadn't noticed them, but when I got home I looked in the bathroom mirror - and yes, big blue grey lines down by the side of my nose just where the eyes are.

    Does it really indicate deficiency? On my super healthy diet??!!

    Anyone heard of this?

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    What is your so-called super healthy diet? I thought I'd ask that question, for other people to have a better chance at determining the cause behind your issue.


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      I know with me, they show back up if I eat grains,too much sugar, or (too a much less extent) dairy.
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        Have you lost significant weight? Remember that when you're lean all sorts of venous stuff starts showing up that was always there but you couldn't see when there was more "padding."


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          I've put some weight back on ... but not a lot. About 150 pounds, when I had got to 144 or so. Super healthy diet - well - this one - Primal!!!

          Lots of veg, grass fed meat, fish, liver, kidneys, berries, some sweet potatoes, supplements of magnesium, potassium and vit D3.

          According to FitDay, minerals and vitamins are well up (except calcium, magnesium and potassium - hence the supps).

          I'm avoiding grains, sugar and seed oils. But - I think it probably a red herring in any case.


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            Didn't someone post something at some point in time (vague!) about different things around the eyes indicating different things? Like red/pink under the eyes meant something, dark areas at the sides of the eyes meant something else...?
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