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  • Holistic Primal Living?

    I was reading Carrie's input from 2009 (the blog) and was really struck by her use of microderm abrasions and such as part of her beauty regimen. I also use facials to keep my skin healthy-healthy; a friend of mine is an herbalist and does these things chemical free (all food based, really).

    Also, being a yoga teacher, i believe in the balance of using yoga or a similar path to increase flexibility and thereby agility, and as a person who runs a holistic health center, i obviously support alternative health techniques.

    In addition to your normal Grok-on activities, what do you do holistically that Grok may not have had access to?

    for me, it's as such:

    1. massage -- i am a fiend for massage. i love rolfing and deep work like that, it really gives my muscles a completely different feeling. but, because we have such a diverse team, i sort of hop around between deep tissue, sports, therapeutic, rhythmic, ayurvedic (which uses a lot of herbs and oils), tui na (traditional chinese medicine massage), shiatsu, thai yoga massage, and a whole lot of mixtures such as "massage plus reiki plus reflexology."

    i try to get a massage each week, but it's been more like...each month right now.

    2. feldenkrais -- feldy is really about options. we get into habitual patterns of movement, and those can often create pains, imbalances, etc, or we're trying to solve a pain/imbalance with a habitual movement and it just doesn't work (experience speaking here! LOL). feldenkrais realigns us and opens us up for new ideas in how to move, which can create opportunities.

    i totally felt my skeleton in a totally different way. it was bizarro. i like it.

    3. acupuncture --6000 years of practice can't be wrong. seriously, it is awesome stuff. i just love TCM. i really like cupping, too, which is a cool technique from TCM. i really only do acupuncture for special needs, but occasionally i go and get the tacks put in my ears since that rebalances the whole system over a number of days.

    4. ayurveda -- love it. the indian sister-science to yoga has a lot of great techniques (and uses lots and lots of oil!) to help make the body feel *awesome*.

    5. yoga -- this is my cornerstone fitness/what not regime. i just love it. it's so great. my new goal is to get the acroyoga teacher certification. so psyched about it!

    Anything that you all do to for yourselves to round-out your health/beauty regimens? just curious.

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    Acupuncture is 2,500 years old...
    Not done yet...


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      i just use 6000 to mean "old" i also say that i did things two weeks ago, which usually happened years ago. i have no concept of time. but, without that context about me, it is entirely an inaccurate statement on my part.


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        Wow--acroyoga looks way cool! I'm a (not-currently teaching) yoga teacher. I love yoga, and am most into vinyasa flow/ashtanga atm, but also love anusara. Um, I also adore getting massages, but have only had 3 in my life. Wonderful wonderful stuff though. (If you've got tips on how to get cheap massages lmk! ) I utilize homeopathy when my son has an acute issue (high fever, runny nose, etc)--it has always been very effective on him (not so much on me, so I just use it for him, not me.) I also make herbal infusions for the nutritional benefits. (I did use an amazing herbal blend to build my milk supply when I first had issues with nursing and it helped tremendously.)

        I don't know if this is what you'd count as 'holistic', but I make bone broth and fermented veggies and try to incorperate 'traditional food' preparation methods in order to maximize nutrition and absorbability of the food we eat. (My kitchen counters have often been covered in jars with all sorts of bubbling projects going on in them.) That's a major reason I came to primal in the first place--utilizing the wisdom of our abcestors irt nutrition....
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          I do qigong as a personal practice- it makes a huge difference in my energy and peace of mind.

          I used to do regular acupuncture and I still see my OMD for herbal consults- much cheaper and more effective than going to a doctor if I have bronchitis or something like that.

          I get occasional Medical Qigong treatments- if you like acupuncture, MQ is like acupuncture on steroids, but without needles! It works on deeper levels than acupuncture (esp. on an emotional level) and has been around even longer, but it's still pretty obscure in the West, while in China hospitals have MQ wards.
          MQ helped me to start recovering from severe adrenal fatigue when acupuncture failed. The difference was that I had too little qi to work with and with MQ, they add more and make sure it stays. It's the mother of all energy work. I ended up studying through the Practitioner level and the amount of theory, technique and protocols is amazing! It really is a fully developed modality, just like acupuncture/TCM.

          I also love studying about and using herbs and making herbal tea blends.

          I haven't had a massage in awhile- I need to splurge more on those!


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            homeopathy, herbalism, traditional/healing foods--absolutely! we definitely use these too! MQ sounds interesting.

            to get inexpensive massages, i recommend checking out your local massage school. you typically get an hour (or more) for $40 or less! That's what I used to do, for certain. Also, a lot of massage therapists will trade and others will offer really good package deals if you buy up front (eg, a friend of mine offices 2 massages per month for a year for $1440, but if you just paid for each one as a one-off, you would pay $2160!). Swapping is great, though! I do a *lot* of swapping!


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              and yeah, i'm seriously stoked about the acroyoga.


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                yes, yes, yes! i am into all of this sort of stuff.

                second vote for massage school students to get a good deal on a massage.

                i am quite frugal and don't part with my money easily, but getting massages are THAT worth it. completely resets one's parasympathetic nervous system. must-have, not luxurious pampering (as i once mistakenly believed).
                "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -- Hippocrates


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                  i totally agree. I often talk about how massage is medicine. this is definitely my experience!


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                    It has also helped me tremendously with a (formerly) raging eating disorder. I don't exactly know how, but it has.
                    "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -- Hippocrates


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                      That's awesome, TigerLily! I was reading your story in the journals or success subforum and was really inspired!


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                        Aww, shucks! That's sweet. Thank you. So you can see why it's my pet peeve when perfectly able-bodied people here are not bothering to exercise. You can't imagine what a gift it is to be able to go for a walk.

                        (You know I LOVE any/everything New Zealand, right?!)
                        "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -- Hippocrates


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                          i didn't know that (nz) stuff about you! when you are up for it, you'll have to come and visit us! there are lots of cool things to see and do here! of course, i love PacNW too!


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                            Into holistic primal living here. Been doing a yoga practice since I was 18 (started in Iyengar then moved into Astanga and power vinyasa) love massage,
                            use only organic products (many home- made) and studied TCM (went to acupuncture school). I use TCM on a regular basis (herbs , acu etc) and need to just get back into my qi-gong practice but I have a solid yoga practice and I do cardio/weights so it's just hard to juggle all that in.


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                              i did the same progression primallady--from iyengar to astanga and power yoga, then into sivananda with dharma mittra, and now heading into that acroyoga stuff (which appears to be in the krishnamacharya lineage). it's so fun to play with yoga!

                              i haven't done qi gong, but i would like to get a teacher for it at our studio. i think it's really powerful stuff.