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Vitamin D result from Quest... so what are they really? (Cillakat?)

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  • Vitamin D result from Quest... so what are they really? (Cillakat?)

    Hey all,

    I am dealing with some immune dysfunction issues so I am trying to optimize my D, as I have optimized my diet for pretty much a whole year and a few issues remain (chronic folliculitis, dandruff, dry elbows). The folliculitis got way better with raw milk and Dr. Ohirras probiotic, as well as going No soap and no poo (it is on my lower cheeks, jaw). The pathogen is gram negative, Enterobacter Aerogenes, but I was told my Dr. Ayers at Cooling Inflammation that it doesnt matter what the pathogen is, it is simply a manifestation of lack of flora.

    So I am on Bactrim and Doxycylcine for 4 weeks (in the middle of the course at the moment), while undergoing daily Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, and after the 4 weeks I will be getting a full 10 day course of fecal transplants to re-establish the flora to keep this from coming back. Will also OD on Probiotics, raw milk and raw milk kefir for a year or so, just to get some super strong flora.

    My doc told me my vitamin D was good and that I shouldnt try and make it higher, but.... it was like 65 on a Quest lab result. From what I have read here, that is not accurate and it is actually signifacantly lower.

    So... how to I figure out a rough idea of what it really is, and how long will it take from here to get my Vitamin D truly optimal. For about the last week and a half I have been taking about 10000UI of Carlson Lab's Vitamin D.

    Thanks for you help.

    Also taking 40mg of Zinc and nightly supplement with Natural Calm for sleep. My magnesium came out as very good in my last lab. Thyroid labs are optimal and symptoms related disappearing ever since adding in Thyroid Energy by NOW Brands and drinking more raw milk and having more root veggies like carrots, yams, parsnips.

    I also want to add, that perhaps am I getting too much Vitamin A? I did the raw milk diet for 30 days (5 quarts of raw milk sipped daily for 30 days) and I got really good results from it but it did not completely take care of the problem (flora too limited still), and now I continue to drink 1 quart or so of raw milk a day (raw goats usually)... so am I maybe getting too much Vitamin A? There is no waaay I can be deficient in it now considering how much I have had in the last 3 months, easily 150% of the RDA everyday in a very easily absorbable form.

    -Also... milk is NOT an issue for me. Though dairy was, but that is only pasturized dairy that causes issues. I am always better with raw milk.
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    So no one can help me with the conversion of my Quest D levels to the more accurate one? I can't seem to find the thread that explained all this. Or does anyone have any ideas about my condition?


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      Divide by 1.3


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          You may want to re-post in the Vitamin D thread.
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