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    I was just moving some things around in my kitchen, when my gaze fell upon my toaster....

    So, like, what have you guys done with YOURS?

    Suddenly a device designed to toast a grain-based product has been rendered obsolete with my lifestyle change!
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    That's funny cause mine just sits on the counter. I never thought about it, but i totally don't need it anymore.
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      I was thinking about making a bacon adapter for mine. :-) do you look, feel, and perform? -- Robb Wolf

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        I tried putting mine on top of the fridge, but it rattled too much up there. It's taking up space on my counter right now, but I should probably just put it in the basement. Not ready to give it up yet though, since I do occasionally serve bread to company.

        Tell me more about this bacon adapter...
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          Mine is in our storage area. I think I'll be ditching it in favor of a toaster oven. That way I can use it for some practical things, and in the odd chance I ever want to toast bread - it'll do just fine. I have found that I can pre-cook bacon and then a warm-up in a toaster oven crisps it up quickly and perfectly with minimal mess. I did this at a friend's house recently and now I must have one!!!


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            Haha, that's a funny thought... I haven't had a toaster in awhile as it is. I have just used a toaster oven.

            On a similar note, my microwave is pretty lonely these days...


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              we have a toaster oven, not a toaster. I will say that bread is not the ONLY thing you can melt cheese on. :9


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                Mine holds dog treats in the back of a cabinet.
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                  I still use my toaster oven daily although I've scrubbed it clean of little gluten crumbs that were hiding everywhere. But an actual toaster I can't see would be of any use, just like my bread box has been sitting there empty...I really should move it.


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                    The wife uses it daily
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                      My husband uses it once every 2-3 months (or rather, I use it for him, he hates dealing with food) but it smells gross every time, probably from burning dust. I should really toss it out and just use the oven when necessary.
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                        I've used it to toast the egg/cream cheese bread in the past, but I haven't made any of those in months. I should probably put it in storage along with my fancy expensive rice cooker.


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                          Threw it out some time ago and haven't thought about it since your post.
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                            i went through a "simply my kitchen" phase about 5 years ago, and let go of all of the extra appliances except for a blender. the real idea is to get rid of any "one use" appliances and to get rid of anything you don't actually use.

                            for a lot of things, you can actually use something else. a toaster oven is multi-use, whereas a toaster is single use. we just used our regular oven (after roasting something) for toast in the past.

                            we do, currently, have a crock pot, and next on our list is a blender. those tend to work for us. We use a stovetop tea kettle for tea and coffee (with french press), and otherwise, keep it simple on the stovetop.

                            works well. streamlined kitchen. no need for added storage.

                            also, i realized that i don't need bakeware now! i have a muffin tin, where i made those bacon-egg thingies, very good!


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                              This should work - cook bacon in your toaster!