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  • VFF's featured on"Weeds!"

    Anybody watch "Weeds" on SHowtime? Great show. This Monday night was season finale of season 6.

    An MIA character reappears...his name is Guillermo (sp?) and he's a scary/mean, macho ex-con drug dealer. It's generally not a good thing when he shows up.

    Camera pans to his feet...he's wearing VFF's!! Various banter from other characters about his freaky-looking shoes. Guillermo responds, "Shut up; my shoes are awesome. I'm getting in shape to run (a particular race) in my barefoot shoes." I paraphrased but you got the was so fun!
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    i don't have showtime, but i've seen the show. i find it hard to believe that guillermo will be exercising. one of the botwins maybe, but not him.

    that's pretty great that barefooting is getting more play


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      They had them on an episode of Rizzoli & Isles, too - when Jane and Maura were getting ready to run a marathon, Mara walked in wearing VFFs
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        Just caught up and watched the show yesterday. It was fabulous! And he was so surly and stfu about wearing the VFF's. Love Guillermo so much.

        Did anyone happen to catch Dexter and the Primal life coach? That was kinda weird to watch, getting primal advice from... that guy.

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          AARRGGHH! I wish (for now) VFFs would stay out of the mainstream so that I could actually buy a pair in a STORE so I can be sure I have the right size (and don't have to deal with returns). I cannot understand why Vibram is having trouble keeping them in stock, unless they are facing import problems from China! We can get all the toxic toys, why not Vibrams?



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            They are in lots of stores here. Weeds is always up on stuff like that. In the first season a character wore her baby in a Maya wrap.


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              All of the stores I have been in only have a couple styles and in odd sizes, like really small women's or really large men's. I even looked while I was on vacation this summer in both South Carolina and Atlanta...nothing! I guess at this point, it doesn't matter. It is going to be too cold/rainy/snowy to wear them here shortly anyway (northeast Ohio). Hopefully, my local stores will get a shipment in before spring.



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                the shortage--as far as i understand it--is about maintaining high quality in their factories, and they've had issue maintaining that quality. also, they tend to order in runs, so as not to glut the market. makes sense, honestly.

                here in NZ, there are 3-5 distributors. but, they cost $189 for the classics (that's NZD, so about $150 US), and more for the others. we got ours sized at a shop, and are ordering them from the US, and having someone bring them to us for christmas. hazzah!

                oh, and i *love* weeds, but we don't have tv here. we rent videos through their version of netflix. and this is not out on video. so don't spoiler on me. last i knew guillermo (over whom i swoon) was in prison, nancy was pregnant by the drug lord, celia was drugged by her daughter and held captive for ransom, doug was into some rather extreme autoerotica, etc etc. So no more spoilers! LOL

                and, i got the 'ingredients' to make huarache sandals today. i bet they will look cute on tiny 2 yr old feet.